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SCYTHE (vmin) [COMPLETE✔️]  by _Aquafina
SCYTHE (vmin) [COMPLETE✔️] by Honey Bratt
MAFIA AU "When will I ever be able to escape him, he left a scar on my life...but he's scythe what else did I expect." "Oh baby!" Jimin franticall...
Scythe || Bellamy Blake  by doing_great
Scythe || Bellamy Blake by doing_great
She was a weapon. She chose between lives. She played with them. She was a scythe And there was nothing she could do about it. ~*~*~ Scythe's voice did not waiver...
Fairy tail's forgotten member[Slow Updates] by wolfdragon1
Fairy tail's forgotten member[ dragongirl
Thana is a little girl who joined fairy tail a little after Erza. Though she has been in the guild for eight years the only people that truly know her are mirajane, laxu...
Please Remember Me... by m4rc31in3
Please Remember Marcie
(This is the Jump AU, it doesn't belong to me. All credit goes to the original owner, I just thought it'd be funny to make a Wattpad our of this for fun.) Izuku Midoriya...
Guardian of Life (Jack Frost x OC) by Vigilante24
Guardian of Life (Jack Frost x OC)by Vigilante24
The Big 4m everyone knows about them. Protect the children, keep them happy and save the world from eternal darkness and fear. What many do not know, though, is that the...
The Unknown Wizard (Fairy Tail x Male Reader) | #Wattys2019 by Shin_90
The Unknown Wizard (Fairy Tail x Shin_90
Join Y/N L/N on his journey as a Fairy Tail wizard. Not much is known about his past or his powers, but some are ready to bet that he could take over the entire world wi...
Death's Angel by dreamdocks
Death's Angelby dreamdocks
"You are MINE" he growled. We circled the table once more. "I am not yours. I'm leaving and that's it" I tried to say but it came out in a whisper. I...
The Rules of Death by MizzSparkle
The Rules of Deathby MizzSparkle
Nothing made sense for Elizabeth Black, Elsa, after she found out she wasn't who she thought she was. Elsa gets visits from Death, a talking cat, and a red eyed demon wh...
Reapers -- The First Familiar (Reapers Chronicles Book II) by Tsubame
Reapers -- The First Familiar ( Shim Simplina
I am Aramis Rayne. Immortal. Full-time familiar. Short-term goal: Rescue my boss from total annihilation. And how to do that? I'm going to need a miracle.
SCYTHE II {vmin}  by _Aquafina
SCYTHE II {vmin} by Honey Bratt
{Part II of SCYTHE} MAFIA AU After three long happy years of marriage in Mauritius Jimin and Taehyung along with Shownu, doyeon and Chungha set back to America to finis...
What We Lost | Fillie by mkkoub
What We Lost | Fillieby M.K. Koub
It's 2022, Finn and Millie have been cast as the leads in a new movie, but they have serious unresolved issues stemming from what seemed, on the surface, to be a bad bre...
Rising of the Scythe Hero (Melty x Male Reader) by Ninja_Kidx
Rising of the Scythe Hero (Melty Ninja_Kidx
A 12 year old boy just living the weeb life, was one day set into the world of the anime "Rising of the shield hero, let's see how the adventure unfolds
One piece various x reader by RisingAngle
One piece various x readerby RisingAngle
"You only live once might as well make the most of it" "I rather die than fall into the dark ness" Soul D. Y/n always thought what it would be like t...
A Way Out || A Zack x Reader Fanfic  ▪ Rewritten ▪ by OrocadaSmith
A Way Out || A Zack x Reader ➳ Tʀʏнᴀʀᴅ
Cover by Jun_Prelhe Zero and Roseabella: @Miss_Blue_Rose Zyra: @Sarala13 □■□■□■□■□■□■□ After Zack and Rachel escaped the building filled with insane and sadistic people...
(Angels of death) Zack X Reader by Lem0nsga10recentra1
(Angels of death) Zack X Readerby Child of darkness
You wake up in an unusual room, the lights are dark and the hallways are empty. You go down in an Elevator only to find yourself face to face with a young man holding a...
A Sword of Lightning, a Scythe of Roses (RWBY x Boboiboy crossover fanfiction) by MikeisMike
A Sword of Lightning, a Scythe Mage-O-Karp
(DISCONTINUED) At some point in life, I wondered, what are two animated serieses that I love that have flashy and exhilirating fight scenes? What would happen if I place...
The Sister that was Never Known... (Soul Eater Fanfic) by SilverNinja016
The Sister that was Never TornNinja/Jade
Kazue is no normal meister. She is the older daughter to Lord Death himself. She is the holder of the only Death Sword, Anthony. Them and a group of friends have been go...
Highest ranking #13-scythe The war has ended like Naruto wanted, but it left them in a blood socked world. No one else was standing, beside him and Shikamaru, fortunate...
Fear The Reaper: Grim Reaper X League of Legends by GASTLY42957
Fear The Reaper: Grim Reaper X Rhogar
I've been kicking this idea around for a bit and now I'm doing it I don't own league of legends
Kiss Of Death (Ban X Reader) by JustStranger3
Kiss Of Death (Ban X Reader)by huami127
(Y/N) (L/N), The Griffin Sin of Dismay. The sin who was unnoticed by most people and only had been known before the war against Grandmaster Hendrickson. She had a power...