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Fairy tail's forgotten member[Slow Updates] by wolfdragon1
Fairy tail's forgotten member[ dragongirl
Thana is a little girl who joined fairy tail a little after Erza. Though she has been in the guild for eight years the only people that truly know her are mirajane, laxu...
  • scythe
  • dragon
  • ocs
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Reapers -- The First Familiar (Reapers Chronicles Book II) by Tsubame
Reapers -- The First Familiar ( Shim Simplina
I am Aramis Rayne. Immortal. Full-time familiar. Short-term goal: Rescue my boss from total annihilation. And how to do that? I'm going to need a miracle.
  • death
  • resurrection
  • reaper
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A Way Out || A Zack x Reader Fanfic by OrocadaSmith98
A Way Out || A Zack x Reader Fanficby ° Orocada Smith °
Cover by Jun_Prelhe Zero and Roseabella: @Miss_Blue_Rose Zyra: @Sarala13 □■□■□■□■□■□■□ After Zack and Rachel escaped the building filled with insane and sadistic people...
  • reader
  • angelofdeath
  • foster
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Kinesis by Maltonic
Kinesisby Mal
They are only a small .07% of the world's population. Their numbers slowly decreasing as the years moved on, hunted by those who were meant to protect them. They can liv...
  • romance
  • kinesis
  • scythe
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Team DLTA by Trishula97
Team DLTAby Connor Wilken
Welcome to my third series, this time based off the highly popular RWBY series by RoosterTeeth. Again, this will follow along with the story of the actual series but fro...
  • jaune
  • blake
  • pyrrha
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The Beta and The Grim Reaper  by VivaciousVintage
The Beta and The Grim Reaper by VivaciousVintage
The grim reaper had never been so insulted in his entire existence. He was to harvest the soul of one, Kelly, who happened to be a werewolf. A measly werewolf. And she h...
  • grimreaper
  • romance
  • werewolf
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Laughing Jack (bnha X Male oc) by RavenClark988233
Laughing Jack (bnha X Male oc)by Raven Paige Clark
Jack Ipso or should I say Circus King Jack is very introverted he doesn't talk and wears a mask covering his face mainly to hide it. He has pale skin, He has teeth shar...
  • midoriya
  • villain
  • kirishima
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||| SCYTHE ||| Bellamy Blake  by ShiningRain1
||| SCYTHE ||| Bellamy Blake by ShiningRain1
She doesn't have a name. Not anymore. Not after what she did. Not after what had been done to her. She is a weapon. She is a scythe. And she didn't expect that to chan...
  • bellamyblake
  • wellsjaha
  • clarkegriffin
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Lot to lose, lot to gain by Wickedershelf21
Lot to lose, lot to gainby Wickedershelf21
What would happen after the so called "Frostbourne Knights" supposedly defeated the horde and killed Herobrine? And what chaos is added when a mysterious figur...
  • magic
  • fantasy
  • canondivergence
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The Puppet Assassin [TTR sequel] by SidneyArden
The Puppet Assassin [TTR sequel]by SidneyArden
Book Two [It is not necessary to read TTR beforehand] She is on a string, but who is doing the tugging?
  • witches
  • life
  • larkin
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A mercenary's world : sao male reader by Mystien
A mercenary's world : sao male Mystian
After an early tragedy in the world of sao, you became cut off, you became consumed, You now bath in darkness, can you be pulled out? The rights of everything in the st...
  • reader
  • male
  • são
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The Struggle by Wickedershelf21
The Struggleby Wickedershelf21
PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK IN A SERIES. READ "Lot to Lose, Lot to Gain" FIRST! Two years after the defeat at the Frozen Village, the Abyssal Horde la...
  • alternateuniverse-advancedtechnology
  • originalcharacter
  • minorcharacterdeath
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The Rules of Death by MizzSparkle
The Rules of Deathby MizzSparkle
Nothing made sense for Elizabeth Black, Elsa, after she found out she wasn't who she thought she was. Elsa gets visits from Death, a talking cat, and a red eyed demon wh...
  • scythe
  • reaper
  • tattoo
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Azure by MRC_123
Azureby Max
Fantasy/Romance? Anime? Jk but really. I see these characters as anime characters. Azure is a guardian from another world. He possesses godlike abilities, including bein...
  • broken
  • short-story
  • power
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Team 7: The Perfect Team (Naruto Fanfiction) by catherinelaurio
Team 7: The Perfect Team (Naruto catherinelaurio
Hi! Your Author here. I had read many godlike Naruto stories. At first, I classified it as epic. But now, it got somewhat dull. Some stories did sparked my interest in t...
  • chimera
  • phoenix
  • scythe
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(Angels of death) Zack X Reader by Lem0nsga10recentra1
(Angels of death) Zack X Readerby Child of darkness
You wake up in an unusual room, the lights are dark and the hallways are empty. You go down in an Elevator only to find yourself face to face with a young man holding a...
  • killing
  • zack
  • angels
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Scythe The Afterlife. by ma_namebob
Scythe The Felipe Alvarez
This is actually a book that I enjoyed greatly, but its ending was good, but could've been better. So this story will just be how I want their lives to be after their jo...
  • citra
  • scythe
  • rowan
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Death's Angel by dreamdocks
Death's Angelby dreamdocks
"You are MINE" he growled. We circled the table once more. "I am not yours. Im leaving and that's it" I tired to say but it came out in a whisper. I...
  • angels
  • power
  • heaven
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Dead or Alive by fatphoenix
Dead or Aliveby fatphoenix
Jaxon was once just the child of a test subject in a lab. His mother had been a rabbit, and so had he. The day his mother died, had been the day he was born. Just a few...
  • bunnies
  • omegaverse
  • rabbit
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Rinnie's Twin Sister ( Kyoukai no Rinnie) by TwilightSilver
Rinnie's Twin Sister ( Kyoukai SilverStar ( S.S )
Watch the anime before you read this fanfic. ( Kyoukai no Rinnie) What if Rinnie has a little twin sister? What if she's a gold license shinigami? What if she met Mamiya...
  • shinigami
  • sakura
  • twins
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