The Puppet Assassin - Ch 19 [the devil inside the player -|- dizelde]

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"The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us."

- Ashley Montagu

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Chapter Nineteen

The Devil Inside The Player | Dizelde


As the days trailed by, I slowly began to relax inside the house, with all of the arguments, unfamiliarity and plentiful amounts of sitting around. By Saturday I was feeling a lot more settled and comfortable with the inhabitants, and visitors, of this household, though sometimes it seemed that they went out of their way to make me perturbed.

Garth wasn't one to take others into consideration. He argued for everything to go his way, however unfair it was, left messes everywhere without even contemplating cleaning it up and seemed to have an objection to clothing, though thankfully refrained from walking around in his birthday suit. Yet, surprisingly, I felt most comfortable with Garth as he didn't expect anything from me and I treated me like I was a normal housemate.

Luke came in and out, never bothering me with questions again but I often found him staring at me with that piercing golden-yellow gaze as if he were picking my brains. The good thing about his visits was that he always spent some time forcing me to play some of the virtual games Larkin owned. I was embarrassingly bad but it beat the hell out of staring blankly at some television program. He kept me entertained.

Larkin seemed to be always around. He was like a magician. I'd think I was alone and then he'd pop up out of nowhere, scaring the crap out of me. He always had way too much energy, never sitting in the same spot for longer than a minute, which meant that I was often dragged around with him. But he was like a magnet, when he was in a room, my attention was drawn to him... and he always seemed to notice.

"Ah man, I'm so hyped up for this game. It feels like the season is starting."

I hid a smirk behind my hand. Larkin was acting like a kid, practically jumping on the spot. The weekend had finally arrived meaning that his charity match was on this evening.

"Alright, mate," Luke thumped Larkin on the back. "Garth and I are going ahead to try and get a good spot. Don't get too giddy and crash your bike on the way there."

Larkin grinned broadly. "No sir! I should be heading out soon too. Boss wants us there early."

Kayli wandered into the hallway where the three of us were standing, glasses of cola-looking liquid in her hands. "You guys going yet? We want this house to ourselves already!"

"Hrm. I'm tempted to stay back here with you all just for a bit of testosterone." Luke grinned wickedly.

With great timing, Kayli's energetic Australian friend stepped out of the kitchen holding a massive bowl of steaming popcorn. The smell made my mouth water. "Maybe we should get the big stud Lark to stay back then, Lukey, because I'm afraid there might not be enough man in you to handle the three of us."

"Watch what you say, B," Luke chuckled menacingly, "Because you've got your hands full and I might just take advantage." He stepped up close and leaned towards her. She smiled crookedly, not even blinking, as he pretended to go in for a kiss but instead grabbed a large handful of the popcorn and stuffed most of it into his mouth.

"You are such a suave guy," Lark drawled, smirking at their play. "Maybe you need some lessons from the 'stud'." He grinned arrogantly.

"Did someone say Stud? Because never fear, I'm here." Garth came trotting down the stairs. He grinned and winked at me before punching Luke on the shoulder and continuing on to the door. "We're going to get a crappy seat in the unsheltered area if you don't demagnetise yourself from the pretty Bianca and haul ass. I'm pretty sure I saw the Esky upstairs so you're going want to grab that before we head. See you later, girls. Don't trash the place." He stepped out.

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