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Alyson And The Bad Boy. by Lovelauren
Alyson And The Bad ◊♢Lozza♢◊
Alyson was a nerd, bullied at her school by the so called 'populars' and secretly hated for her beauty. She was basically a nobody in her big city let alone her school...
  • bad
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  • hostages
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The Puppet Assassin [TTR sequel] by SidneyArden
The Puppet Assassin [TTR sequel]by SidneyArden
Book Two [It is not necessary to read TTR beforehand] She is on a string, but who is doing the tugging?
  • science
  • horror
  • warehouse
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Moving Forward   by LeahYR
Moving Forward by LeahYR
The third book in my series. Must read Hostages than Haunted Past and finally this book. This picks up nine months later and then jumped again a few months. Victoria is...
  • villy
  • shick
  • niktor
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The DA's Daughter by Jam_Jam_Jenn
The DA's Daughterby Jennifer Blanchard
A busy Friday turns into a wrong place, wrong time situation for one young woman when her bank gets held up and she is taken hostage. Unfortunately, she isn't just some...
  • crimefiction
  • hostages
  • kidnapping
Just A Normal Day by Smashleymer
Just A Normal Dayby Smashleymer
Great my car won't start, guess I'm riding the bus today. It won't be that bad... will it? Amelia's having a bad day, the bad luck usually stops but not today, and espec...
  • ransom
  • kidnapping
  • school
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The Betrayal by Rosie_80
The Betrayalby Rosie80
Chicago, 1998. Sixteen year old Scott Henderson has grown up in a caring family, along with his elder brother Billy. Unexpectedly, and in the worst possible way, he disc...
  • family
  • action
  • detective
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Hostage by Rei25916
Hostageby Rei25916
I'm Avery Tucker, and everybody has a story. What's mine? Well, I've been kidnapped against my will by a mysterious man on a family vacation, I'm held hostage for a ran...
  • twins
  • florida
  • romance
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Kidnapped By Chrysaor by athena_is_my_cat
Kidnapped By Chrysaorby athena_is_my_cat
When Annabeth, Piper, Hazel, Calypso and Katie are taken hostage, how will their boyfriends Percy, Jason, Frank, Leo and Travis react? When the girls kidnapper starts se...
  • percabeth
  • calypso
  • hostages
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Who's Laughing Now by steelxheart
Who's Laughing Nowby J
"I like you and admit it, you like me too because good girls always fall for the bad boy." He inched closer, I took another step back but he already had me cor...
  • hot-guy
  • bad-boy
  • captive
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The Malaysian Operative by YusniYussof
The Malaysian Operativeby Yusni Yussof
Captain Azeem Zulkhairi, an operative with Malaysia's newly established intelligence agency is ordered to track down and bring home a fugitive with a dark past. During...
  • hostages
  • military
  • firefight
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His Savior by mariktqm
His Saviorby mariktqm
  • hostages
  • jakesanders
  • romance
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Starting over (sequel to hostages) by 8aylee8ug
Starting over (sequel to hostages)by 8aylee8ug
Jake and bailey start over in a new life after being held hostage for two months .
  • mateus
  • labrats
  • fanfic
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Comic Hostage by GaitorBait55
Comic Hostageby Spike "Whitefang" Wolfkins
Comic Store AU Clarke Griffin's best friends Monty and Jasper own a comic books tore that she visits frequently. She loves hanging out, talking to them, and she also lov...
  • love
  • lexa
  • robbery
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Stockholm Syndrome by iGooglePayne
Stockholm Syndromeby lilli
It's the sequel to Hostages. One Direction is at it again only this time having to find one half of the star-crossed lovers Louis and Andrea.
  • caradelevingne
  • kidnapped
  • zaynmalik
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The hostages [ON HOLD] by midnightrunner123
The hostages [ON HOLD]by SPIDERMAN
Runner and Jack are fooling around, when multiple men bust in and take them hostages. Will they live, or will they die?
  • survival
  • hostages
  • drugged
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Haunted Past by LeahYR
Haunted Pastby LeahYR
This is the sequel to Hostages. You must read Hostages before reading this our nothing will make sense. 😁😁😁
  • niktor
  • theyoungandtherestless
  • chadam
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Love and War                                Mafia!Tale Sans x Magic!Reader by UndyneTheFsh
Love and Rise up, take a shot
You are the daughter of the leaders of a strong but tiny mafia. You have trained your whole life and are often sent on missions because of your skill and magic abilities...
  • mafia
  • death
  • love
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Jäger by Greysnickets
Jägerby Koschei
((Summary to undergo revision.)) Former Kampfschwimmer turned GSG 9 instructor, Lukas Schoenaerts is tasked with the training of new recruits. On board a cruiseliner, pl...
  • gsg
  • badassreads
  • family
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Why Us by koobsta
Why Usby Jadah
14 and 15 year old Clara and Sam Cailihand are taken hostage one night while home alone. Of course they leave it to there stepdad to get everyone in trouble. But why the...
  • home
  • hostages
  • life
KPD The Tuba Scandal by AFrier
KPD The Tuba Scandalby Time Master Alex
A confrontation at a high school over a tuba takes place causing a girl to be murdered and a hostage situation. There are 3 suspect's. An aggressive suspect, a chill qui...
  • hostages
  • murder
  • tuba
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