The Puppet Assassin - Ch 40 [never-ending]

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Chapter Forty




He shifted next to me and then turned onto his side on the bed, pulling me into him so that my head rested on his shoulder.

My heart still picked up speed even now, despite the fact that I’d been lying next to him for a few hours now.

“What’s next?”

He bent his head down and pressed his lips to my head. “Whatever is next.”

“But there’s more to this. Everyone knows it.”

“Let Liam and Luke worry about it now. Your part is over. Very over.”

I poked his stomach but didn’t bother to argue. We’d had this argument too many times. He grabbed my hand and placed it back onto his bare abs.

“Mmm.” He purred in a low voice.

I took a deep breath in and lifted my palm off his skin so that only my fingertips touched him.

He brought a hand up to my face while his other arm curled around my back. “Stop worrying about it. It’s teetering out, the remaining “blood-witches” will be found, Liam’s men will determine what was going on in their heads and you and me will happily live together forever after.”

I let my fingertips trail down. He made a kind of choked gasp and grabbed my wrist. His stomach was now deliciously hardened.

“Later,” he said firmly.

“Now,” I said, trying to sound tantalising.

He let out a short breath. “You’re still a little tender and I’m still a little edgy.”

“You’ll always be edgy.” I tried to get my hand in at teasing.

I straightened my leg and pushed my knee between the two of his. He hissed but instead of pushing away, his arm at my back yanked me closer. He rolled onto his back suddenly and I ended up draped over him. I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed myself up.

“What are you doing?”

He lifted one cocky brow. “You wanted to do it. Right? So then, go on.”

He put his hands behind his head.

Wait a minute. He meant that my hands would be on the wheel, steering this thing? Oh, I knew what was next but I didn’t know what was next!

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