The Puppet Assassin - Ch 17 [physical attraction? -|- dizelde]

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"Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm"

- Unknown

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Chapter Seventeen

Physical Attraction? | Dizelde


Another function I didn't understand the necessity of was shivering. I understood that, when cold, I needed it to warm my body. But at the moment I was completely fine with my body temperature. The only thing I felt was extreme embarrassment. But I couldn't stop trembling. It was starting to make me feel sick.

And I couldn't close my eyes. I could hardly blink without seeing blood, death or my father's cold, golden eyes. And if I wasn't seeing those things I was remembering the moment when I had thought that Luke was going to hand me over and I'd attacked him. I groaned and put my head in my hands. Way to show my gratitude. I'd snapped at the first sign of trouble. He must've been angry. When he'd left it had looked like he'd wanted to punch something.


I looked up quickly to see Lark throw a towel toward me.

"Dry your face."

I rubbed it over my already dry skin and damp hair.

"Are you in any pain anywhere?" He was acting different. He wasn't playful and teasing and yet it wasn't the same serious attitude he'd had before when he'd been questioning me.

My arm was throbbing from where I'd hit the ground, my back felt slightly twisted from the awkward landing and my head was pounding. This was added to the shaking and nauseas. All I wanted to do was shake my head and for him to let it go. I'd get over this and I'd prefer to do it alone. But this guy was a brick-head, if I shook my head he'd probably ask for a vocal confirmation. And then scoff at my attempt to evade the question.

"My shoulder is starting to bruise from hitting the floor," I bit out, avoiding his eye contact. I've always hated being the patient, it made me feel weak.

"Easy fixed. Stand up." He beckoned me over. Like a dog.

I stood and took a step towards him. Yip, yip. Where's the bone, master? If the other assassins could see me now...

He reached out and wrapped his big hand around my right shoulder. "You'll feel like some kind of warm liquid is pouring through my fingers into your skin. It's just magic. Don't worry."

I linked my fingers together behind my back, fidgeting. Just magic? Just magic was a fairly new concept for me... He squeezed lightly and I felt the sensation he'd been talking about. It was like my blood had been heated and was swirling around the ligaments and muscles of my shoulder. It was like an instant pain killer but my shoulder felt loose and strong. He released me quickly and bent down so that our eyes were level.

"Anything else?"

"I can't stop shivering," I said reluctantly. It was fairly obvious so he wouldn't have missed it.

"That's a mental thing, I can't help you there."

I glared at him. He was either trying to draw me out or annoyed at me for some reason. Either way I wasn't happy. "It's starting to make me sick."

He sighed and raised both of his hands, reaching for the sides of my face. My heart gave one big thump and I ducked out of the way. For some reason, the thought of having those big hands touching my face made me want to retreat. It could be the inbuilt training of expecting him to wrench my neck around but that didn't explain the warmth spreading to my cheeks. I glanced up.

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