The Puppet Assassin - Ch 24 [An Enticing Possibility -|- Dizelde]

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Chapter Twenty-Four

An Enticing Possibility | Dizelde


It was difficult to rise the next morning. I’d stayed up late, past three am, and I still couldn’t break habit, stirring at dawn. At least the night had been nightmare free. I rolled over in my bed and slowly pushed myself up, sliding into sitting position. My eyes felt sore from lack of sleep. But you’re up now, I told myself, so get your lazy ass out of the bed. I slipped quietly off the bed and tiptoed out of my room. I couldn’t hear myself making a sound but I was sure I was waking up the two witches. I was just waiting for Garth to come charging down the stairs, telling me to stop making such a racket.

I opened the kitchen door as slowly as I could and closed it behind me with a sigh. I was half expecting Larkin to be awake, about to go practice. But, of course, he wouldn’t be training early in the morning after a game, especially a win. And I felt disappointed. It was strange. I really, really didn’t want to come across him while alone again but I wanted to at the same time. It made me so excited and so nervous I didn’t know which way was up.

I headed to the fridge and looked disappointedly at the contents. There wasn’t much in there I could eat for breakfast. A couple of big hunks of meat, plenty of bottles and cans each containing differing beverages and random pieces of vegetables. There was also a few apples in the crisper so I grabbed one and placed it on the counter before getting a glass out of the cupboard and pouring myself a glass of juice.

Loud footsteps sounded down the hall and I looked up to see Luke enter. I was about to question the reason for his loud steps, seeing as both he and Garth paced like cats on the balls of their feet. But then I really took in his appearance. His shirt was unbuttoned to nearly halfway and was creased as though he’d slept in it or had been sitting in it for a long time. His face was washed out, leaning towards grey in colour. His eyes were no longer vividly golden and they didn’t seem fully focused as he looked me over.

“Is anyone else up?” he asked groggily, his voice slightly hoarse.

Considering that he’d gone on a date last night, he looked like it hadn’t been the great night I’d expected it to be. Although, he had called Liam last night. It must’ve been for something serious if Luke hadn’t gotten any sleep. At least, that was what it looked like.

I shook my head. “It’s nearly half past six, Luke,” I said softly. “You know Garth’s habits and Lark had a game and a party last night. He’s not likely to be getting up soon.”

Says who?” Larkin burst through the door, his frown  and attempt to look irate ruined by the huge grin that crept up on his face. I didn’t understand how he could be up so early, let alone look like he just stepped out of the best massage of his life, so refreshed and relaxed.

“Don’t you freak out, Luke, you have a…” Lark stopped instantly when he saw Luke. “Shit mate, you’re playing with fire if you think you can go without sleep and get Paddy to fix you every time something goes wrong. And don’t you dare think you can come to me…”

“I need your help, Lark,” Luke said in his croaky voice. He looked seriously ill. He turned to me and gave me an apologetic look.

But I wasn’t as meek as I’d been when he’d first found me.

“If you want to talk in private, Luke, you can go to another room.” I talked down my nose, slightly worried but more frustrated at the fact that I would give anything to be able to help Luke, to repay at least a smidgen of my debt to him, but he kept everything a secret from me. “I’m about to have breakfast.”

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