The Puppet Assassin - Ch 25 [something's not right]

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Sidney Note: So, Paul Kelly is a fucking legend in Australia, but I couldn't get the song sung by him, so I got the version posted just over there ---> It starts around about the one minute mark. But it's a beautiful song, kinda. In an Aussie way. ;)

Chapter Twenty-Five

Something’s Not Right


If I had to be honest with myself, I could admit that I was more nervous about my trek there than the actual infiltration of the warehouse. There was some creep who knew Luke was keeping me around and I had this feeling in my gut that whoever it was, he was smart. And a smart person would somehow keep a watch on the house and most likely know that I was out by myself.

However, two hours later, I made it to the warehouse without any trouble. I was disappointed in myself. I could’ve made here in less time but I was so unfit I’d had to walk half the distance. I sat beneath a tree, under the shadow of its canopy, and waited to get my breath back, staring at the building across the street. It looked a little rundown but I did notice some cameras. I had no tech help so I’d just have to avoid them. Hopefully the blueprints had been accurate. I stood, ready to cross the street.

I heard and felt the vibrations of an approaching car and stilled. I nearly swore when I saw the vehicle turn into the warehouse drive. I crouched down again and waited. Two people exited the car. I strained to pick up their conversation.

“…shouldn’t be much longer. The new… There’s a bit of a kick…”

“…keep ‘im in his… The pay better be mighty…”

I ground my teeth irritably. If only I could hear them a little better. I crept forward slightly but stopped instantly when one of their heads snapped around to look across the street. He wasn’t looking at me but still… he’d somehow heard my movement. Was he a witch? He lifted a hand to his mouth and took a step in my direction. He took a step into the light of the street.

I stifled a gasp and concentrated on slowing my breathing, making it silent. It was Morse. He squinted against the light and shook his head.

“High alert,” he called back to his partner.

“What’s that for?” his partner asked, raising his hands to the back of his head, looking very relaxed.

“It could just be paranoia but I thought I heard something. If it was an animal, it wouldn’t have stopped when I reacted. So put the place on high alert just in case.”

The other guy walked back into the building but Morse stayed where he was.

My mouth was dry. Morse? What the hell was he doing here? And he was no witch. So how had he heard me move? I had hardly heard myself. I watched as he crouched down on the sidewalk and took a deep breath. Then he grunted. And looked in my direction. Oh shit. My heart rose to my throat. He stood.

“If I had more time…” It seemed like he was muttering to himself, but it was loud enough for me to hear easily. I trembled. He could be bluffing. He could be about to leap at me. I slowly moved my hand to my back, where my pack rested. The handle of my easy reach knife brushed my fingers. I had no hope in winning in a fight against Morse, he’d been training years before I was born and he had been one of my teachers.

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