Sequel to The Thief's Revenge; The Puppet Assassin

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Hello fans and random readers.

Firstly, look to the right. [Hello YouTube *waves] Listen to the song. It fits with ma storai.

Okay, sequel to TTR... I know a lot of you will be expecting a new adventure in Kayli's point of view. That's not gonna happen, sorry. It's set in the same setting and place with similar characters but from differentiating view points. I apologise if you wanted me to continue writing as Kayli but I've told you the exciting part of her life and I'm not up to entire life stories... yawn. Besides, she likes her privacy. I hate reading a character's whole story anyway. Geez authors, leave something for our imaginations to come up with... :P [But Kayli WILL appear in the next story (yes, that includes Liam)... In fact I think they'll even be in the second chapter]

I took down the whole 'synopsis' thingy... if you really want to read it, send me a message.

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