The Puppet Assassin - Ch 32 [win some, lose some]

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Chapter Thirty-Two

Win Some, Lose Some


I felt comfortably warm all over, his body heat so close making my face flush with heat but I was so contented, I could probably fall asleep right here. He hadn’t pestered me after his announcement, he’d effectively stopped me from making any kind of response by making my mouth busy for the next ten minutes and now I was in a dazed, peaceful state. I didn’t want to move from this comfort.

While I lay with my eyes closed, Larkin ran his hand lightly over my face, over my eyebrows, my cheeks, nose and lips, occasionally brushing through my hair. I knew without looking that he would be staring down at me with that intense but contented look and the thought of it had the muscles in my stomach tightening. He was out of this world. I’d never thought that anybody could give me this feeling, the feeling of being so safe, so cared for and yet nervous and wary at the same time. I wanted to spend all my time with him, uncovering every unknown part of him, discovering what made him happy, and finding ways of unnerving him the way he did me.

A part of me wished that there was nothing else in the world but us so that we would never be interrupted. But, of course, life had other plans.

I felt Larkin’s lips press gently on my forehead and I opened my eyes, catching eye contact with him straight away.

“A car just turned into the driveway. I don’t recognise the engine but we should separate, just in case.”

I must have looked forlorn because he grinned and planted a smacking kiss on my lips. “If I can turn them away, I will,” he said and shifted me upright so that he could stand. He took my hand, running my knuckles across his lips before winking and heading towards the front door. As soon as he stepped away, I felt cold and disappointed. I wonder if he would return to share the bed with me tonight. I wanted him to.

I looked down at my hands and turned the thought of our relationship over in my mind. Something had changed, and not because he’d said he’d loved me, no matter how teasingly he’d said it. I believed him, mostly because the way he acted had already hinted at those feelings. I didn’t know what I felt, I’d never known love, but I didn’t think that my emotions were as strongly built as his. I liked him, a lot, but I didn’t think it was love… yet. He was definitely being very persuasive.

But still, something had changed, for the better.

“YOU BASTARD!” I heard Larkin chortle and then an accompanying laugh. I glanced curiously at the door but didn’t want to go out there. It could be someone similar to Fiachra, and that would be a meeting I would postpone for as long as possible, enjoying the quiet for as long as I could.

“She’s in here,” Larkin stated as he opened the door and gestured someone inside.

The man that entered was huge. Not fat, I couldn’t see an ounce of it on his muscular body, but so tall and built that I doubted anyone ever had the balls to go against him. I took in his face and immediately picked him to be a relative of Larkin’s. His eyes were the same bottle blue as the ones Lark sported and his hair was the same reddish-chestnut, although there was a few strips of grey around his temples that made him look stricter than Larkin’s easy-going personality.  Unlike Larkin’s lean, ropey muscles, his curved and bulged as he stood in a relaxed stance. He was barrel-chested and his thighs were thick like tree-trunks. He looked like he could crush a steel pole into a two-dimensional shape. Despite all these intimidating features, he had crows’ feet at the edges of his eyes that showed his sense of humour and his expression was open.

Then he grinned and looked just as cheekily charming as Larkin did. When he spoke, his voice was soft but held a powerful commanding tone. “You are Dizelde, the one who’s never far from my son’s mind?” he stated in a way that seemed both a question and a statement. He’d said son, so this must be Larkin’s father. My stomach flipped. And he knew about my relationship with his son. Larkin stood a few feet behind his father and had a wide grin, looking far too proud and not at all worried about how sudden this was for me.

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