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One Heart by zeethewriter12
One Heartby Cathron
Betrayal cuts deep. More secrets come to light. But one secret threatens to ruin their relationship and her family. Will they make it through another trial? ***** Start...
  • love
  • sexual
  • darkpast
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I SEE YOU by uniquegirl2002
He wrote me, He messaged me, He whispered to me, I see you. Those three words got my attention, Those three words started this whole thing, And now I've fallen so deep I...
  • hidden
  • wattys2018
  • gipsy
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Fight Or Flight by SeanMcMahon
Fight Or Flightby Sean McMahon
A tale of memory, loss and the tragic consequences of bullying. When Layla Keegan arrives at Brookvale High School, her every step is followed by whispers and gossi...
  • psychotherapy
  • lgbtfiction
  • high-school
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Younger |Watty's 2018| by Angelic_Disaster103
Younger |Watty's 2018|by Angelic Disaster
(WARNING: Explicit) A young girl spends most of her time with an older boy, where she experiences traumatic events involving herself, and the people around her. For a ma...
  • obrien
  • ashtonirwin
  • gap
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The Milk Fic by BlurGorillaz
The Milk Ficby Ginger Jiggle Juice
Title: Milk. Pairing: Ryden. Rating: NC-17. Word Count: ~3500. Warnings: Enema, choking, rimjob, BDSM relationship with previously established safewords. Summary: Ryan k...
  • fanfiction
  • ryden
  • bands
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The Puppet Assassin [TTR sequel] by SidneyArden
The Puppet Assassin [TTR sequel]by SidneyArden
Book Two [It is not necessary to read TTR beforehand] She is on a string, but who is doing the tugging?
  • hostages
  • puppet
  • self-doubt
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Never Again by stephshark31
Never Againby stephshark31
Abbigail "Abby" Evans, 14, is a freshman in Lakeshore High School. One shocking day changes how she views the world. On March 16, 2019, she ends up in a terrib...
  • suicide
  • shooting
  • mad
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The Day I was Raped by QUEENCL25
The Day I was Rapedby Michelle Palma
What If Malaman mo Na ang Taong Mahal na Mahal Mo ang Siyang Gumawa sayo Ng Kahayupan even he Do Something That Make You Supper that Night ! Are You Going To Forgive H...
  • true
  • love
  • romance
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Sanity (SasuSaku) by cisyustunis
Sanity (SasuSaku)by Aleyna C.
Welcome to the West Riding Asylum in United Kingdom. The year is 1908. Nurse Haruno has been working here for 2 years. She is content with her job but what happens when...
  • naruto
  • sakura
  • sasusaku
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Falling for you (Christian Beadles Fan Fiction) by Live_Love_Laugh123
Falling for you (Christian Taylor
When Brooke is cheering at a home game, could she meet the one she would love for the rest of her life? Would she be regretting meeting Christian or would be ever so gre...
  • school
  • fan
  • read
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An Army of Peculiar (Gotham/Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children AU) by Phantomzone08
An Army of Peculiar (Gotham/Miss Phantomzone088
Humans never cared for those who were different, they called them "freaks." Though, they were simply Peculiar. But what Human, Wight, or Hollowgast should know...
  • birds
  • fluffandsadness
  • âu
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I'm going to hell for this by Depressed__noodle
I'm going to hell for thisby Depressed__noodle
This is a troll thing just for me to be evil It's cringe fuel. The tags were the best part you should read the tags. Enjoy~ I have officially decided to turn this into m...
  • evil
  • lollollollollooooolllll
  • troll
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Talk to the Trauma by thekiwidot
Talk to the Traumaby thekiwidot
Lets crack open trauma, and let the light sink into the cracks; to start healing ourselves. Let's not be defined by our traumas. We are not victims, but survivors. Becau...
  • warriors
  • yourenotalone
  • traumatic
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Under the Dome by Alliemaefritch
Under the Domeby Alliemaefritch
Jade, a seventeen year old girl, alone after her father died two and a half years ago has lived a normal routine along with Lex, her loyal pet fox wolf. Being kidnapped...
  • traumatic
  • trapped
  • love
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Diary Astray by demoisellemagne
Diary Astrayby Charlemagne Somera
Can we still find our own lost story? In anyway, I ponder, is it still the same even if it was forgotten?
  • tragic
  • friendship
  • camouflage
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One Last Wish by StillAliveStillFight
One Last Wishby StillAliveStillFight
Being accused as the killer of a minor innocent girl, Kim Jaejoong was now had to spend his life inside the prison, behind the bars. He didn't kill anyone, he himself wa...
  • dramatic
  • hidden
  • tragedy
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Life with PTSD by Kenadancer
Life with PTSDby Kena Campbell
This is a way for me to get out my feelings and a way to help me. Also to get the word out about how much PTSD can change your life. How one event will break you. This h...
  • stress
  • post
  • traumatic
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His Trauma by Kat_GarzaXoXo
His Traumaby Kat_GarzaXoXo
Lana Franks lost her friend to an accident, no he isn't dead but he is the same. He becomes aggressive, impulsive and possessive. Lana tries to help him though it only a...
  • violent
  • sad
  • possesivelove
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Soul Mates by catillman
Soul Matesby Blue Haired Girl
This is the story about me and my soul mate. I will start from the beginning, how I found my soul mate.
  • sadness
  • connection
  • romantic
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