The Puppet Assassin - Ch 10 [not again -|- luke]

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"It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, 'Always do what you are afraid to do.'"

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Chapter Ten

Not Again | Luke


Liam and I watched Lark swagger back into the house, a carefree smirk on his features.

"Was he even listening to me?" Liam asked.

I smirked. "He was definitely listening. I bet he could even repeat what you said word for word. But he'll still do whatever the hell he wants"

Liam gave an exasperated sigh. "I doubt he's had as much experience as me when it comes to dealing with troubled or problematic teens. I really hope you're wrong and he follows my suggestions."

Yeah right, I thought silently. Larkin was probably challenging Dizelde to a fight, most likely for the second time today. Not only that but he was probably challenging her in her room while filming it with the plan to put it on YouTube, JUST so that he could break the rules. Another reason why his father was reluctant to initiate him into the Alpha role. He could barely follow advice, let alone orders.

"It's unlikely that I'm wrong but Larkin's not an idiot, and he's not heartless. If he feels that the girl should stay protected, then not only will he keep her hidden but he'll keep a watch out for her and any threats. And there is no greater watchdog than Larkin."

Liam pushed back his scruffy hair, not looking totally convinced. "Just as long as you keep a firm hand on your dog. It looked as if they had been fighting before we arrived. Larkin had slight swelling to his nose, though it is healing fast, and Dizelde's hands were scraped, as well as a few tears to her clothing. If I hear of him, or any other of your pack or clan or whatever, fighting with her again, other than in a safe and supervised hand-to-hand practice, I will remove her from your care."

I understood that Liam worked for the government, not just that but an international federation, AND he was a lieutenant, so he was used to being a leader. But I was a leader myself, part of what felt like a small culture within a larger one, and I believed that, by rescuing Dizelde, she was one of my pack people. And only I had the authority to determine whether she stays or goes.

"IF such a thing happens, I will dole out whatever punishment I deem necessary. But I cannot allow you to take her out of my care, no matter how many Gardaí you bring knocking on my door. Finders keepers, Liam," I added with a wide grin, though inwardly I was getting annoyed.

He gave me a blank look. "You're no idiot," he said quietly. "Doing such a thing as keeping her here will make your actions the same as Scythe's."

I felt my temper, so easily heated these days, rise to boiling. "And you yourself are not stupid. You know I am not without my own resources," I near hissed. Some of the community saw the Changer packs as types of gangs or mafia. The rest of the public brushed it away like it was nonsense, seeing us as a type of exclusive club. But we were halfway in between and I knew Liam had heard of a few of our poorer quality exploits. You couldn't have worked in Dublin's policing forces and not heard of us.

Liam glared at me, his jaw clenched, but made no repute so I allowed myself to count this as a win.

"Why the hell...?" Kayli's voice rang out from inside. "How was that necessary?"

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