The Puppet Assassin - Ch 2 [a day in the life -|- luke]

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Live dangerously and you live right.

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Chapter Two

A Day In The Life | Luke


I could feel the beating pulse of my heart in my temples. It felt like, inch by inch, it was pushing my skull inwards. Ugh, why couldn't these headaches just go away? It seemed that since I'd been released from that stinking cell with Fletcher several weeks ago that the throbbing in my head hadn't toned down even a little. Sleep was becoming a rarity, especially with the added pressure from the council to meet with the other pack representatives in order to figure out what to do about the 'blood-witches'.

I stood in front of my house, watching it warily. I knew that most of my pack was well aware that I went on jogs in the morning, and they were NOT to be disturbed. But they would all be waiting for me to return to produce another hassle. Another request from the council. Another father bidding me to date his daughter. Another daughter throwing herself on me. No, that was too harsh. They didn't throw themselves at me. They showed SOME control. Heck, some I would actually consider dating... if the pack didn't see it as my vow of love... and then try to enforce a marriage. I'd learnt my lesson with Maggie.

I trudged up the drive and as I reached the front door my sensitive hearing picked up voices shouting from within. I smiled as I heard recognizable tones and a similarly familiar argument.

"Stop being such a jealous ass! There's nothing even to be envious of! How many times..."

"You know the way he acts around you!"

"He's obviously just trying to get under your skin. And you're letting him!"

"It's so hard..." This was said in a softer voice making me smirk. Liam was rarely gentle... well, not when there was a chance someone could hear him anyway. And in my pack-house, full of mostly genetic witches, there was little chance of not being heard.

I opened the door quietly, knowing they'd discontinue the conversation if they heard me enter the door. Listening in on them as they argued about me was a small reprieve from the stressful pack issues. And hassling Liam was one of my favourite activities.

"Here, kitty, kitty."

I scowled. Damn Liam. Nothing got past him. I leapt up the stairs, taking four at a time, and entered the guest room. First I noticed Liam, slouching on the loveseat like he owned it. His dark skin contrasted the light coloured leather cushions that he leant against. He wasn't at all stunning but he carried confidence, intimidation, sensuality and arrogance in his overwhelming aura. He wasn't a bad guy, quite the opposite, but I thoroughly enjoyed making him squirm to keep his 'cool' mask on.

I saw my prey sitting on the window seat, glowering at me, daring me to try something. It was obvious that I had heard the argument and she was attempting to warn me off. Her burgundy hair had grown slightly so that it reached her shoulders and her fringe was swept to the side, though it could easily cover her eyes if it were straight. I made my way over to her and she stood warily. I grinned. She barely reached my shoulders and wasn't much of a threat to me standing as she was sitting and glaring.

"Red!" I cheered my nickname for Kayli. "Good to see ya!" I folded my arms around her petite figure and squeezed her in a bear hug. "Come to accept my proposal?"

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