The Puppet Assassin - Ch 19 [continued...]

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Continuation of Chapter Nineteen:


"I-I-I just..." Oh boy, what the hell was I supposed to say? That Larkin, the intrusive, over-confident magician had just pulled my lower lip between his teeth? My chest felt tight. I couldn't say that. Why couldn't I say that?

"She so has a crush on Lark, don't you reckon Kay?" Bianca said abruptly as if she couldn't hold it in.

"Erm..." Kayli looked confused and a little disapproving.

"Ah..." Should I correct that? I didn't have a crush on Lark, did I? He'd just forced an intimate contact onto me. But if I said that how could I explain that I, a trained killer, couldn't escape his hold. I could now think of so many ways I could have gotten rid of him but when he'd been touching me, I'd gone fuzzy.

"Ha, that's adorable. Man, Kay, we should totally get them together." Bianca was on a roll.

Kayli blinked out of her momentary daze. "No... Uh, I mean, those two can't go out because, um, Larkin already has a girlfriend."

I knew she was lying, the tone of her voice, abnormal blinking and her foot was fidgeting, but I still reacted to it as if it were true. I mean, I could see him having plenty of girls to choose from. He was a relatively well-known athlete and, well, he was good looking. A rough and raw look with a dash of innocent blue in his eyes. But it made me feel uncomfortable. He probably did to other girls what he did to me. I sighed inwardly. Did it mean that I liked him if I wished that he didn't?

"Oh, that's a bummer. We'll have to take you out sometime, find you a hot Irishman or some Aussie backpacker. It'll be totally fun."

I tried to get excited for her but my smile was fake. I wasn't allowed to leave this place. I knew it was for a good reason, Luke and Liam were ensuring that I was kept safe. It would be nice to act like an ordinary sixteen year old though.

"Someone's already hooked an Irishman though," Kayli laughed but it was slightly forced. She was changing the subject. I was grateful.

"What? You?" Bianca snorted.

"Ah! Avoid the topic why don't you?"

Bianca turned to me. "Hey, Diz, did I tell you about the time she ditched me in Vietnam, without a word, so that she could shack up with Mr 'I'm-a-fed-don't-mess-with-me' Liam Haeckel?"

Kayli threw a piece of popcorn at her. "No, no, there's no need to be throwing that story around. We want to hear about how you managed to wrangle a date out of Mr "I'm-so-busy-right-now-but-OOH- LOOK-it's-a-girl" Luke Remington."

Bianca spread her lips, showing the edge of her teeth, in a nervous grin. "Is it bad that I only just now found out his last name?" She flopped back against the couch with a groan. "We just met and we were both intoxicated at the time we arranged the date." She frowned. "Or when he arranged the date... It's practically a blind date, though!"

She looked so nervous, I was so jealous. I would do anything to be able to date normally like I'd seen on TV.

"Luke is nice," I said, as if that would help her to feel better about dating him. "He's a trustworthy person and he's taken care of me since... I... came here." I wasn't sure if Bianca knew the truth about me or if she had been told the same excuse as Fiachra.

Bianca looked at me shrewdly. "Do you have a crush on Luke too?"

I blushed, again. Geez, did calling a boy nice mean that I liked them? "I don't."

Kay threw the TV remote at Bianca. "B! You're being confronting."

She looked up innocently. "Me? Nuh-uh, I'm just asking questions."

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