The Puppet Assassin - Ch 9 [distressed -|- dizelde]

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"I wouldn't mind dying - it's the business of having to stay dead that scares the shit out of me"

- R. Geis

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Chapter Nine

Distressed | Dizelde


I dropped onto the couch, blind and dizzy. A moment later my vision slowly came back, blurry at first but then clearing.

I pushed myself upright, completely embarrassed. I hadn't blacked out since the days I'd first begun training and been worked to the bone. At first I'd thought I was just light-headed, I'd recently begun treating my iron deficiency, not bad enough to be anaemic, though I did sometimes get dizzy spells. But then the surroundings had blurred and darkened and my legs had given way. It had only been for a small amount of time but now I felt absolutely drained of energy.

Larkin mumbled something under his breath and stalked out the room. Garth sat calmly in his seat, though he was watching me carefully. The man, Kayli's boyfriend, had sucked in a deep breath as I collapsed and was now talking in undertone to Kayli. I strained to hear them, worried about what this guy was saying about me. Out of everyone in the room, he was the most intimidating. And that was saying something.

Luke stepped forward and held my arm lightly, as if to steady me, even though I was sitting. Kayli also approached me, her expression concerned. She had bright green eyes, either contact lenses or she was unnatural. She had a small physique but I saw her quick movements and watchful eyes as a threat. When was I going to meet someone who wasn't threatening and unapproachable?

"How long has it been since you slept? People should sleep for at least ten hours a day," Kayli said, her accent slightly English, perhaps from the Cornwall region, though it was difficult to pick out.

The man behind her snorted, somehow managing to look amused and scary at the same time. "No, Kay. That's just you. Seven to eight hours works fine for everybody else."

She sent him a withering look but said nothing out loud.

I spoke up, "I've slept enough. I can run on little sleep anyway."

Garth looked terse. "You haven't eaten anything since this morning."

"We can order something in. What do you feel like? More soup?" Luke looked at me expectantly, awaiting answers.

I gaped. Hungry? I didn't feel hungry. Could it be like the thirst thing and if I need food, my hunger mechanism switches off? Larkin wasn't in the room so I couldn't ask him. Should I try eating and see how I go? But I really didn't feel like eating anything at the moment. And I didn't want Luke to waste more money on food for me. I was feeling dizzy again.

"Oh, she's going pale again," said Kayli in her funny Cornish accent.

"She's stressed."

I blinked quickly and found Larkin's observant, cobalt eyes. They were hard, annoyed. I hadn't even noticed him enter the room. I must be really out of it.

"Just let her relax for a while, aye? She's not going anywhere, you're not going anywhere. Luke, Garth, you two don't look so pretty yourselves. Give it a bit of time."

Kayli was nodding her head in agreement. "He's right. We can give it a bit of time. Is she staying here for the time being?"

Luke nodded.

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