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Of Tears & Darkness: 2 Where Darkness Treads by DCFlowers
Of Tears & Darkness: 2 Where David C. Flowers
(For ease of reading for those with mobile devices, this written work will be one story section per chapter.) It, had all started with a quest, to find the hallowed sanc...
  • demi-gods
  • knights
  • archers
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The Puppet Assassin [TTR sequel] by SidneyArden
The Puppet Assassin [TTR sequel]by SidneyArden
Book Two [It is not necessary to read TTR beforehand] She is on a string, but who is doing the tugging?
  • dizelde
  • warehouse
  • scythe
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DREAMWIELDER Book 1 of The Dreamwielder Chronicles by gcalcaterra
DREAMWIELDER Book 1 of The Garrett Calcaterra
In a world shrouded by soot and smoke, young Makarria has literally been forbidden to dream... Legend has foretold the demise of Emperor Thedric Guderian at the hands o...
  • sorcery
  • shapechanger
  • featured
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Divine Supernatural: The Early Life Of The Squad {Prequel} by SayaniZee
Divine Supernatural: The Early Sayani🌙
THIS IS THE PREQUEL OF THE UPCOMING BOOK CALLED, Divine Supernatural: Let's save the world! Zee, Kath, Grace and Aries all had to abandon their old lifestyle for their l...
  • onedirectionasthemselves
  • badboy
  • vampire
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Enchanted Bones by DarkFoxKirin
Enchanted Bonesby DarkFoxKirin
You were frightened and fed up. These monsters kept on attacking you to try and kill you but you hadn't even done anything! Well, time to take matters into your own hand...
  • were
  • underfell
  • reader
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The Little White Wolf by Twilight_attack
The Little White Wolfby Aggie Warner
You thought this was just a same old were wolf book. Think again. This is about a werewolf that is a little more extraordinary than everyone else. When she was 5, she wa...
  • howl
  • special
  • supernatural
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WULFRAM by gcalcaterra
WULFRAMby Garrett Calcaterra
44 years before the dreamwielder Makarria was ever born, a young sorcerer saved a boy who became an emperor.... The shape-changing sorcerer Wulfram flees his war-ravaged...
  • dreamwielder
  • sorcerer
  • arabian
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patient zero by SalvationRed
patient zeroby SalvationRed
experiential cell mutation designed to allow people to change into animals at will were working nicely on the few people they had experimented on, but they wernt expecti...
  • shapeshifters
  • original
  • human
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Garth, Sought and Found by SidneyArden
Garth, Sought and Foundby SidneyArden
Garth from TTR, TPA and TLP gets his story told. A sarcastic and cynical character, Garth is constantly getting himself into trouble, even as an adult. His friends are...
  • remington
  • lion
  • sought
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Hope by skytraveller
Hopeby skytraveller
Pointedleaf, a young shape-changer, is forced to leave her tribe for the kingdom of Lyssia, a land that has been under a cruel dictatorship for two hundred years. Along...
  • darkness
  • tribes
  • forest
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The Dark Ones by achilles22
The Dark Onesby Ugo-Peter
My shadow has a life of its own. It crawls, it screams . . . it kills. It's been months since Rue baker killed her little brother. Everyone believes it was an accident...
  • familiar
  • paranormal
  • love
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A Shifter Christmas (BoyxBoy) by X0Sweets0X
A Shifter Christmas (BoyxBoy)by Sweets the Warrior
Sammy and Jordan share their first Christmas together, and Sammy's worried that his gift for Jordan might be too romantic! ~~~~~*~~~~~*~~~~~ Hey Guys, Merry Christmas! T...
  • shapeshifter
  • shapechanger
  • presents
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Silver Claws: Blood Twins by ArthurSlade
Silver Claws: Blood Twinsby Arthur Slade
A story about twin werewolves who flee from their clan and try to survive in the wild, wild west.
  • shapechangers
  • young-adult
  • horror
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Blade Hoshimori by Blade_Hoshimori
Blade Hoshimoriby Blade_Hoshimori
!You probably shouldn't let your child read this! Just an OC 'cause why not ._. and I apologise for the grammar and spelling I'm German. Have fun by reading 3000+ words...
  • shapechanger
  • wolf
  • backstory
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Twilight Wings: A Supernatural Romance/Action by Darkphoenixelias
Twilight Wings: A Supernatural Elias Ramos
Emma and Jacob have just begun a new school year and a really cute, but mysterious, boy named Az appears at their school. Az is the bridge to the supernatural world. The...
  • demon
  • mythology
  • jacob
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Blessed with a Curse by CatchingClouds
Blessed with a Curseby CatchingClouds
A young girl growing up in an uptight Christian home tries to deal with her overcontrolling parents but takes a turn for the worst when and unexpected flesh eating demon...
  • demons
  • fiction
  • shapechangers
City of Bridges (Book 1) by Andre_Jones
City of Bridges (Book 1)by Andre Jones
You'd think riding wyverns while being in the company of a shape-changer and an armoured telepath, you'd be safe enough. Prophecy, however, always turns one reality into...
  • spy
  • telepathy
  • exotic
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The Lioness's Prey by SidneyArden
The Lioness's Preyby SidneyArden
Book Three Breona is desperate. She's a fighter, a trained martial artist, and she can even change her shape into that of a big, sharp-clawed lioness. But she's up again...
  • shape-changers
  • shape-changer
  • death
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Here Comes the Smolder (BoyxBoy) by X0Sweets0X
Here Comes the Smolder (BoyxBoy)by Sweets the Warrior
I update old chapters all the time when I post new chapters, so If you want to keep up I would recommend going back and reading over all the chapters when I post a new o...
  • gay
  • alpha
  • teenfiction
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Durin's heart by nasrinzamani1998
Durin's heartby nasrinzamani1998
one girl, a golden chain around each wrist, injuries all over her body, past unknown, found by the dwarves of Erebor in a forest. A prince of Erebor, proud, stubborn, br...
  • hobbit
  • love
  • shapechanger
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