Chapter 20: Wine

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Authors Note: (If it seems confusing that's because chapter 19 was rewritten. There is no conscience anymore.)

Sasuke's spirits had been uplifted now. If that was his brother then he'd definitely make him feel better in no time. Even though they had some differences in the past they were still pretty close. He raised his hand and opened his mouth to alert Itachi of his presence if said man was him.


'What the....' Sasuke had to look around for the person that spoke out his words for him.

A child shot from out of the cereal aisle with a box of Froot Loops in his hands. If he had looked back he would have seen his father standing there completely taken aback. Instead he headed straight for Itachi and stopped right by his side to hold the box up.

"Frooty Loop's, Frooty Loop's!" 

"Did Naruto say you could get those Minochi?"

" He said that we were asking for too much, but this is the last one I swear!" Minochi lowered the box below his chin and hugged it to his chest with pleading ebonies up to the man.

"You mean like those cupcakes, doughnuts and these bag of chips you wanted?"

"Yes!" The little boy giggled proudly while hugging the box closer.

Itachi shook his head and held out his hand for the much desired box. He couldn't say no to that face, it reminded him to much of his own brother at that age.

"Yay!" The child put it in the man's hand before dashing off back down the aisle he came from. He didn't see his dad that time either because the Uchiha had hid around the aisle further down.

Sasuke peeked out around the corner to make sure what he saw wasn't an illusion concocted from his paranoia. Itachi was standing their alone now but that buggy was still full and the Froot Loops were there. He then wondered why his brother hadn't contacted him when he got back. More questions piled on top of ones he hadn't even answered.

His brother received allot of attention from woman passing by so Sasuke doubted he noticed him starring just yet. He wanted to go over there and ask him what the hell was going on but then he came out ...

Naruto, the pregnant blonde himself came around slightly wobbling from the cereal aisle with his right hand on his lower back for support and a box of pop-tarts in the other. His belly was allot bigger now than the last time. It's like someone took their blanket and just shoved it up their shirt then smoothed it out. Maybe not that big but still pretty BIG. 

"Itachi did Minochi make you get that cereal?" Anyone could tell that Naruto was trying to sound cheery but he looked worn out from standing alone.

"You know I don't mind at all. What's that?" Itachi turned the buggy around to meet the blonde halfway so he didn't have to walk that far.

"Sugar cookie pop-tarts...."


"What? They look like they'd be pretty good!"

"That's not healthy Kit."

"Well I can get some carrots to eat with it or some lettuce things." The blonde looked down at the pop-tarts and blushed a faint pink at the old nickname.

"....Just put it in." Itachi caved as he leaned on the cart with an amused smile.

"Thank you!"  Naruto beamed and positioned the item in the cart so it wouldn't fall off or crush the others. For the older Uchiha's understanding of his needs for weird new things he rewarded him with a light peck on the cheek. He then wobbled of to find other new things to stuff in the cart.

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