Chapter 3: Bad Start

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The next morning, Sasuke finally woke up to the ringing of the house phone on his desk. His right hand reached out to search for the receiver but for some reason it was really dark. He sat up quickly and received a flash of light from the cracks in the curtains.

Unprepared and confused at what was going on, he looked around with shielded eyes and saw the cover on the floor that must have been over him. With no idea how it got there, he didn't bother to think on it to long. He then answered the phone to stop its obnoxious ringing rather than to see who was calling.

"Hello?" the raven yawned out as he stretched.

"Sasuke where the hell are you?! It's like 10:30! I've been calling for hours!!" Sakura hissed out over the phone, making sure to use Sasuke's first name to signal how serious this was.  

"Sakura it's not 10- Oh shit!" he shouted once he saw the alarm clock. He jumped up, dropping the phone in the process and dashed into his room.

"Sasuke, Sasuke? Ugh!!" Her frustration echoed before she hung up.

Sasuke was stripping by now to get ready for a shower. He cursed himself repeatedly for over sleeping that much! He knew had an alarm set to wake him up but it didn't go off.  He didn't have to time figure out why it didn't so he just hopped in the shower.

Once done he hurried out, dried off and brushed his teeth. He then did a quick comb over his hair. After he was done with that rushed routine, he stumbled around getting dressed. Reason for his stumbling was because he couldn't find his cell anywhere.

Sasuke eventually gave up and decided it was best to just head out. He stopped at the door when he saw his briefcase there. Not understanding how that got there, he accepted it anyway. He then stormed out the door and made sure to lock it behind him.

He jumped in his car and drove off to work arriving there around 11. He ran inside the building to see Sakura pointing urgently up, signaling he had guests.  He nodded her a thanks before he headed up stairs.

In his office sat Hinata and her partner/husband Kiba, wearing matching light gray business suits. They sat in the leather swivel chairs pulled up to his desk.

"Forgive me I was up all night working and had the weirdest dream as a result," Sasuke explained while he took his seat behind his desk.

Hinata just smiled and shook her head while Kiba eyed Sasuke curiously.

"Well as long as you made it." Hinata spoke, kindly. She brought up her own briefcase to open afterwards.

 "You look like hell Uchiha. You finally got married?" Kiba joked a little too well resulting in a glare from Hinata.  

Sasuke chuckled and shook his head.

"You know that ship has long since sailed." he placed briefcase on the desk to open. He found his phone within it and some of his papers askew all over the place.

Kiba leaned up out of his seat to look at the mess in Sasuke's briefcase.

"You need a woman's touch." Kiba gestured at the contents of the briefcase with a smile.

"You know I was never one for woman, hell I don't even think I can handle kids. In fact my dream was that I...I.." Sasuke's words came to a stop with a quirked eyebrow at one of his graphs that had been colored completely yellow with red square shapes around the edges to indicate the openings of some kind of pie?

"Um..." Sasuke had confusion written on his face. He picked up the graph just to drop it and pick up a document. The printed words on the document had a heart drawn over them in the middle with three stick figures; one very short, one tall and one medium in the center of said heart. 

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