Chapter 17: A Lie

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~: Sasuke's POV :~

Sasuke never stopped his pacing, and to top it off the abuse he was giving to his hair was getting worst. He looked as if he'd had a run in with a crazed cougar in the worst way. He was also a fingernail away from breaking the door down after what he was hearing. Naruto sounded like he was going through hell, and Sasuke didn't understand why he was shutting him out all of a sudden.

"Aye boss what's going on?" Choji had come over to wait patiently with the Uchiha.

"I don't know!" Sasuke refrained from lashing out at the employee. He'd told him to go away but he just stayed like the stubborn teddy bear he was. (Not that Sasuke thinks of him as a teddy's how I think of him...yeah.)

Choji could see the stress his poor boss was going through so he placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Stop pacing and breathe dude, breathe."

Sasuke tensed at the contact made but he tried the method regardless. He took in one big breathe and held it until he heard Naruto scream.

~: End of POV :~

When Naruto awoke all he could see was lights dancing above him and around him. The glares half blocked out the beings hovering over. Then the pain hit. He felt like someone had sat cinderblocks all over his chest and stomach.

"He's waking up."

"Naruto can you hear me?"

Those voices were so faint to him all he could hear was an echo like screaming coming from somewhere in the background. He could smell medicine, pine and that strong airy hospital like scent that gave away his location. He tried to sit up but he was held back down by a blue latex gloved hand that came out of nowhere to press down on his torso.  His vision was still blurry and the lights just continued to make it worst.

"Stay down."

"We might have to move him."

"Oh my god are you seeing this Tsunade?"

"Hold on where almost done."

He decided he'd focus on the screaming other than their voices so he looked around for the source. He couldn't see anything but white and pale green uniformed people that were all around him checking and shooting things up his veins. When he started to come to his senses he realized the screaming was a child's voice.

His child's voice.

"Minochi?" he wheezed out as he tried to sit up but was pushed back down.

"Naruto listen to me you need to stay down."

 He didn't care how many times they ordered him to not speak or move. All he wanted was to know why his child was screaming his name like that and where was he.

Where was Sasuke?!

His heart started to pound from excessive worry as an eerie beeping sound a few inches away matched its pace.  He looked around for the thing that was making the annoying noise. It was getting faster and faster the more his heart drummed as if mocking him. 

"Naruto we need you to relax!"

"Where's my son?!"

"Naruto breathe!"

"He's convulsing!"

"Sasuke get that child out of here!"

He lost conscious again but he knew that was Tsunade's voice at the end before the blackout. If he only knew the struggle they went through to hold him down. He had broken out of the straps that bonded him at one point. One Doctor had no choice but to lean on the blonde to hold him down.

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