Chapter 6: Start of a family?

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Naruto was starting to regret this more and more, but at the same time he wouldn't lie it was nice to see Sasuke again. In his element... working... completely oblivious to how handsome he always looks in a suit and ti-NO! He bit back those thoughts immediately. 

"Sasuke, do you expect me and Minochi to become one of your victims forced to sit here and listen to you talk?" He joked while he played with a strand of Minochi's hair.

"Hah-hah-hah. How do you think I feel?" 


"Very funny." Sasuke marked something off on his paper, cutting his eyes at the blond with a smirk. "So, I take it you missed me this much," he remarked with a point of his pen to the attentive child listening to them. 

Naruto rolled his eyes, slipping into a moment with the bastard. "Don't flatter yourself. You're a terrible father."

"I'm kind of offended you assumed I would be. You knew what my dad was like," Sasuke said as he balled up a piece of ruined paper. He then threw it at the blond without a second thought.

Naruto blinked after the paper had made contact with the right side of his face before falling to the floor. The child in his lap giggled at his 'moms' briefly stunned expression. He was honestly beating himself up for not considering that this might be a bit much for Sasuke since he wasn't raised to be a family man. He could learn though... or so he thought for a minute and hoped. 

That child of theirs, didn't know a thing about why they broke apart in the first place. He just wanted the mood to lighten up and for the boring air around them to dissipate. Minochi took it upon himself to make that happen. He  then climbed out of Naruto's lap to pick up the paper ball. After he did so, he threw the ball back at Sasuke before jumping back in Naruto's lap to hide.

It hit the unsuspecting raven on the shoulder. Sasuke looked over at the two that were badly pretending that they did nothing wrong.

"Hn." Sasuke smirked. He picked up the paper ball and placed it on his desk.

Naruto and Minochi shrugged in unison at the brunette.

Sasuke whistled a random tune while he made more paper balls.

"Don't you dare." Naruto had a playful air to his voice rather than serious.

"You started this Naruto." Sasuke let the blondes name roll of his tongue as he stood up with one of the many paper balls in his hand.

"No, no you did!" Naruto shouted out while shielding Minochi.  

The child yelped when Sasuke started to throw paper balls at them. When Sasuke ran out of ammo Minochi snuck out of Naruto's hold. He picked up the paper balls and returned fire with Naruto joining in.

Sasuke failed at trying to dodge them. He even tripped back at one point onto the floor laughing. As he sat up he saw Naruto and Minochi getting up off the couch. Then they surrounded him with paper balls in their arms.

"Any last words Uchiha?" Naruto asked.

"You don't have to do this." Sasuke acted out as if he was begging for his life.

"Actually we do, but know that this is going hurt you allot more than its going to hurt us." Naruto couldn't help the wide smile that appeared on his lips.

"Yeah, plus you fired first so you deserve it!" Minochi chimed in. He then started throwing paper ball after paper ball at Sasuke.

Naruto followed suit as Sasuke surprisingly pretended to be in pain. From the laughter and out cries of fake pain they missed the phone call in the background.

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