Chapter 14: 911

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"I think you obviously know what I want."  

Naruto cupped one hand around the corner of his mouth and whispered out, "Sex?!"

"Uninterrupted if possible and now." Sasuke stole a glance at Minochi during the beginning of his words.

"You had your chance the other night and you blew it, plus you have work to do so we can get the hell out of here!" His words came out in a rushed aggravated whisper. Naruto looked back at Minochi to see him getting more toys out, setting them up like a miniature army.

"Thanks for bringing that up now it can definitely wait." Sasuke grinned at Naruto's flushed slightly frightened expression.

"What can wait?" Minochi asked from the thin gray carpeted floor. He was sitting there between two armies he'd set up. One was the transformers side with only a few actual transformers while the rest were hot wheels. The other side was a duck army but they all weren't ducks most of them were other sea creatures.

"Nothing sweetie just hold on okay?" Naruto said with a wave of his hand before he turned back to Sasuke.

"But I have everything set up, look! You can be the leader of the Optoducks while I will be the leader of the transformers! I even made myself a transformer name! Doomstorm, leader of the new deception army called the Omegatrons in dedication to our fallen leader Megatron!" Minochi held up his bumblebee Autobot that he'd colored a shiny gray with deep red streaks across his helm and chest plates.  Those blue optics had been colored a bright red as well to stand out more against the gray paint.

 "You can lead the Optoducks. You have to make up your own leader name though. You're basically the good guys after Optimus died. "

'So he does have a little dark side in him.' Sasuke smirked at the thought.

Naruto resisted from frowning at what their child did to his toys especially bumblebee.

"That sounds very tempting, but I think its best that Naruto help me with my work instead."

"Whyy..?" Minochi sounded heartbroken as he lowered his toy.

Naruto looked away because he knew he'd give in to that sad sweet face.

"The faster I get done the faster we can go home." Sasuke took hold of the blondes hand by surprise.

"Okay!" Minochi liked that idea allot more now.

Naruto let out a relieved sigh before he was dragged towards the printing room off to the left of the mirage doors.

"Then we will be right back. If you hear a weird noises that's just the printer." Sasuke said while he opened the door to the small printing room. 

Inside the room the actual printer was on the right side against the typical pale-ish blue wallpaper while a metal table was in the far back. The room itself was at least 10x15 like an average storage unit with white marble tiles. Besides the printer and table there was a bookcase and filing cabinet against the left side.

 Naruto yanked his hand out of Sasuke's own so he could look around.

"Nice little room you have here." Naruto headed over to the printer and trailed his index finger over the surface.

"Yeah, but it isn't sound proof." Sasuke closed the door behind them then locked it.

"Wait then why can't we just go somewhere else?"

"Because the only private sanctum I have here is this place. The bathrooms are all downstairs and or near the workers."

"Well that sucks."

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