Chapter 26: The Twins

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"Um Sasuke...."

"Yeah?"  He opened one eye to the curious comprehension in his voice.

"I can't feel my legs..." Naruto said in a baffled like state as he sat up fully and touched from his thighs on down.

"...." Sasuke scratched the back of his head with a sheepish grin on his thin lips.

"I was numb a little the last time after I had Minochi but I really can't feel anything now." Naruto continued to poke and pinch himself completely lost.

Their son stirred when he felt a hand ghost over his face.

"Sttoopp." He whined again and tapped the hand playfully.

"Minochi can you do something for me?"

"Hm?" the child sat up instantly ready to be of assistance.

"Sit on my leg for me."


"Wait Minochi don-" Sasuke was of course too late. His son had shuffled onto the blonde's leg and straddled it.

"I can't feel anything! It's amazing. How longs is this going to last?"

"You can't feel anything?!" Minochi quirked his head to the right confused.

"Not a thing, see?" Naruto pushed up the covers to bring the bare tanned left leg over the sheet and out the world. The medical like dress he was wearing rose a bit and revealed the side of his upper left thigh.

Sasuke lost his words and wasn't even sure he could form a sentence after what happened next.

The blonde slipped his hands under his knee and brought it up to his lips. He then bit down on the joint as if it was an everyday thing.

"Yup I can't feel a single thing. Sasuke you try?" Naruto shifted and waved the limp limb over in the raven's face with well-known flexibility.

"I want to try!"

"What?! No Minochi, no one's trying anythi-....Naruto stop waving your leg like that!"

"Awe come on you know you want too."

"....I'm not going to bite you so put it down."

"Awe... but it's really fun!"

"Will you stop it?!" He had to basically take the blonde's leg away from him and lay it back down on the bed since he tried to bite himself again.

Naruto shook his head at the flustered man before turning to Minochi still sitting on his right.

"Any other time he would bite me."

Sasuke faltered and hung his head in shame for it was true. He half considered telling his easily amused love the truth when said leg was brought up to his face again but slowly.

 "Hey check this out Sasuke...wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. Just like that rap song right? Doodee doop doo da doooo Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!"

Minochi giggled and clapped his hands giving away that the easily amused trait had definitely been passed down.

"Please...please stop..." He counted the seconds as the finely tanned leg continued to wave or quote unquote wiggle in his face. Knowing he was an inch away from blurting out the truth he grabbed the panic button and pressed it repeatedly while he was starred at as if he'd lost his mind.

"What's wrong with Dad?"

"He's having a moment I guess."  Naruto let his leg rest and pulled Minochi onto his numb lap.

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