Chapter 24: Dammit Itachi

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"The hell was that?" Naruto asked while he forced himself up off the box.

"He probably dropped something."  Sasuke crossed his arms with eyes up to the stairs.

"Twice? I have a weird feeling something's wrong."

"Same but I'm sure Itachi can handle it."

"No he can't...." The pregnant man sat back down on the supportive box with a groan from the ache in his back.

"What makes you say that?"

"He's too lenient and not that bright in certain areas. Sure he can handle things but he's a push over with me and Minochi. If Minochi killed someone he'd probably help him hide the body."

Sasuke laughed lightly and nodded. His brother did have his moments where he just went along with anything without question depending on the person.

"Remember when Deidara had that car accident and he ended up temporarily paralyzed? Then he got Itachi to carry him around for two months when he had actually got feeling back in his legs during the first."

"Didn't he drop Deidara down a hill when he found out?!" Naruto giggled at the college memory.

"Ha, yeah. I bet he wished he was still paralyzed then because that was a tall ass hill." Sasuke said with a chuckle down at his pregnant ex whom was now looking lost in a mixture of pain.


"Hm?" He said absentmindedly as he trailed his hands all around his swollen belly feeling for the spot the two inside were kicking.

"You okay?" He stepped back over and knelt down in front of the blonde.

"Yeah, I think. They're kicking allot..."

Sasuke placed a hand on Naruto's tummy surprised when he didn't get a command to stop. He felt something nudge his hand twice and cease.

"Wow..." Sasuke said with the release of a breath he didn't know he was holding.

"Hm they stopped." Naruto quirked a brow down at the weird bundle within.

"Is that bad?" He withdrew his hand thinking he'd hurt them somehow.

"OW! Shit!" The blonde keeled over in pain when the duo started up again instantly. He grabbed Sasuke's hand and placed it on his stomach. The kicking frenzy ended within seconds of their father's hand being set.

"Ha-ha I guess they recognize their dad." Naruto huffed out through the after wave.

 "I'm sorry...."

"Huh?" The pregnant man was still confused at the kicking fit and now he was starting to feel lightheaded and somewhat hungry.

"I'm sorry for everything that I've caused and, and... Naruto are you alright?" Sasuke grabbed the blondes shoulder when he started to lean forward.

"I'm hungry..."

"Are you sure that's all?"

"Mhm...I need to go back upstairs." Naruto held back the scream that was threatening to break out. 'This is too early! God dammit Itachi!' he wailed in his mind over the discomfort.

"Okay, but I want you to know I'm still so-"

"Yeah, yeah I forgive you just get me upstairs!"

Sasuke sighed and helped the man fraught with 'evil' little twins up the stairs the best he could.

"Itachi open up! Naruto's hungry."  He shouted before knocking on the door.

"Is he really hungry? Or is he just saying that?"

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