Chapter 21: Unconditional Love

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At that reveal Sasuke bit down hard on his bottom lip hoping it would stop himself from bawling out further. All it did was damage the tender tissue and let carmine liquid break through along with the waterworks.

"I hate you!" he spat out with a sniffle and tightly shut optics.

"I know, I know. I love you too."

Sasuke's flushed cheeks were met with more eluding tears as he tried to fight it back still. With all that liquor settling in he was getting more and more lightheaded and emotional.

"Go on and let it out." Itachi said with a ruffle of his little brothers destroyed hair and a warming smile down.

"It's not fair!" Sasuke choked a little between snivels.

"It never is."

"How come your always better than me at everything?!"

Itachi chortled at the outburst by accident. It wasn't the question it was how he said it. He'd never seen or heard his little brother look and sound so hapless.

"I'm not better than you at everything. Maybe allot of things, but not everything."

"Yes you are! I-I can't *hiccup* do anything right."

"Okay time to get up." Itachi eased up off his inebriated brother to help him, not untying his hands just yet.

"Nooo! L-Leave me h-*hiccup*ere!" Sasuke relinquished control of his body so he'd fall back down to the floor.

"I hope you know I'm never going to let you live this down."

"Live? I don't w-want to live! I w-want t-to *hiccup* die in that pool back there!"

Itachi was forced to drag his little brother by the collar of his jacket after he'd started to jolt around to get back to his alcohol puddle. He was causing an unwarranted scene in front of passerby shoppers.

"Do I have to sedate you?!"

"T-That's disgusting *hiccup*! W-Wha-Why would you d-date m-eh?"

The eldest Uchiha was starting to prefer Sasuke's aggressive stage now. He hauled the man to where Naruto and Minochi were waiting.

"Is he really...?!" Naruto brought his free hand to his mouth in awe at the crying intoxicated man Itachi had brought with him. His other hand was holding Minochi's to keep him close.

"Yes he is. I can't send him home like this so he's coming with us."

"No! I will not sit in the same car with him!"

"I told you, you are better than me!" Sasuke voiced his misery and writhed around more.

"Sasuke I need you to be quiet." Itachi said to his overwrought little brother before turning back to Naruto.

"Itachi I said no! I don't want to be near him!" Naruto sounded more afraid than upset. His breathing was picking up the more Sasuke cried out.

"He has to come with us!"

"No he doesn't! Have one of his assistance pick his drunk ass up!"

"Naruto, language please. And no I can't have someone pick him up because he's my brother! I have to take care of him."

"I'm sorry Minochi." Naruto apologized sweetly to the child. That tone changed immediately when he addressed Itachi.

"Would he have done the same for you? Or anyone for that matter?!" The blonde pleaded with him to reconsider.

They argued over the sound of Sasuke's outcries on how worthless he was.

Minochi managed to take his hand out of Narutos' without him noticing. He walked over to his weeping father on the ground still being held by the collar of his jacket.

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