Chapter 27: A Father

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"Why is their hair red?!" Minochi was the first to speak up on the trait his siblings had. He remembered Naruto telling him that he got his raven hair from his father but then where did the red hair come from? Frowning a little jealous he crossed his arms again and sat back on his knees.

Naruto was just as lost as his child was. He was terrified to look at Sasuke and half expected to be called all kinds of names any moment now.  The only thing he could think of was that Tsunade did something to his babies' hair.

"Grandma what did you do?!"

Itachi was skeptical too and immediately looked at his brother to see him the calmest out of the three.

Sasuke cradled his son proudly grinning as the baby classically laced its fingers around one of his and tugged blindly.

"What do you mean what did I do? They are fine aren't they?" Tsunade hadn't heard Minochi's outburst since she was lost in her clipboard world. She made her way over anyway to make sure the nurses hadn't hurt the duo and they hadn't. The twins looked perfectly content.

"See, they are fi-"

"No they aren't!"

Sasuke glanced over at the blonde guessing something must have been wrong with the other twin but there wasn't. Then all eyes were on him and he waited at least a minute for someone to reveal what the hell was going on.

"What? Why are you guys looking at me like that?!"

"Sasuke you're awfully calm about this..." Itachi pointed out as he tried to see through his brother but there was nothing hidden.

"I'm not? I'm excited and happy and all these other things at once...It's allot to take in."

"Happy that you were right?! But you aren't right! I never che-"

"Wait, right about what Naruto?" Sasuke quirked his head to the right in a mirror image of Minochi when he did it earlier.  

"See even he's confused." Tsunade pushed back a strand of platinum blonde before placing her free hand on her hip.

The navy soldier coughed awkwardly and gestured at the twin's hair. His little brother arched a brow up at him, not understanding still but also getting the wrong idea.

"What you don't like their hair?"

"Their hair is fine! The color though..."

Naruto awaited the verbal abuse with a weak stomach.

"You mean the red?"


"Naruto's mother had red hair? It skipped a generation calm down." Sasuke rolled his eyes and went back to wiggling his finger for his sleeping little spawn to pull again.  To him his brother didn't have to like their hair. He loved it and he knew that the strange spikes meant they would have his hairstyle when they were older.

Itachi stared flabbergasted as Naruto joined in, beating himself up for not remembering his own mother's flawless shade.

"Wow Sasuke got that before all of you...shame." Tsunade clicked her pen, shaking her head and returning to her clipboard.

"You're improving!" The blonde chuckled and leaned over giving a rewarding kiss on the cheek to the clever man next to him.

Sasuke accepted the light peck and compliment as Minochi popped back up to look at his siblings again.  The bundles started to awake miraculously at the same time fluttering their delicate eyelashes till distinctive coal met their awaiting audience.

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