Chapter 22: Unloading

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The slamming of a car door woke up one of the sleeping Uchihas' in the back. He shifted around a little because of the unusual warmth and weight on his side. When he looked down he saw the cause of such effects. His son was asleep next to him with his mouth open slightly and familiar shades on. He couldn't move his arm either since the child had a hold of it. A smirk grew on his lips before he noticed that Itachi was gone and Naruto was staring at him from the passenger seat in the front.

"I don't care how much you hurt me anymore."

Sasuke blinked wordlessly caught off guard.

"So I'm begging you, please don't hurt him."  Naruto held the ravens gaze fixed with his.

"I won't? I would never..." He hesitated when he remembered Minochi's second day with him.

"Yeah, so just promise me you'll try at least."

"I promise." Sasuke sighed and looked back down at the child while splaying his fingers through the spikey sable hair.

"Good, I thought I'd have to stage your death or something." The blonde snickered with relief he wouldn't have to go through the work.

Sasuke had nothing to say to that. He didn't want to entice Naruto any more than he already was.

"Hey you two okay?" Itachi asked after popping up at the driver's side window.

Naruto nodded and bumbled out of the car to help bring things into the house.

"What about you?" Itachi questioned his little brother as he leaned on the windowsill with his hands.

Sasuke nodded as well with Minochi still asleep at his side.

"Well come out and help after you take my nephew up to his room." Itachi then left with a pat on the car door.

'Really?' Sasuke didn't think he could feel worst.  He exhaled quietly and unbuckled their seatbelts luckily without waking the child. He shouldered Minochi on his right and got out the car closing the door with his left. Turning towards the house he placed a hand to his son's back when he stirred a little.

Itachi lived in a regular ivory two story home with an open backyard. Trees and bushes of different sizes aligned the driveway and parted with the walkway to the house so it was pleasantly shaded. 

The door to the home was already wide open for the transportation of the goods in the car. All Sasuke had to do was walk in on the polished wooden floors and head up the stairs to his right. The alabaster walls maintained pictures of family and friends on the way up. The three bedrooms and one bathroom on the top floor with their royal blue doors looked brand new nonetheless after all this time.

Sasuke didn't remember Itachi every telling him which room was it so he went off memory of when he use to visit. He knew the first door on the left was his brother's room, and he could not help but wonder if Naruto shared the same room with him. Taking in a deep breathe he pushed back those thoughts and checked the second room on the right that he remembered he use to stay in.

Inside was his old bed in the far back horizontal against the wall. A nightstand still stood between the head of the bed and the dresser. On his bed were crayons and paper he guessed must have belonged to Minochi. He carefully picked up the child's things and sat them on the nightstand before laying him down on his back.

When he attempted to take the shades off the boy's face Minochi made an audible mewling sound stopping him. He chuckled softly and left the shades there. Glancing around to make sure no one was there he kneeled down and smoothed back his son's hair saying, "Thank you."

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