Chapter 5: Reunited

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"Um, S-Sasuke you have a visito-"Sakura's voice sounded shaky until she was cut off. Then a struggle could be heard over the phone.

 "BASTARD!" A very familiar livid tone took over the phone with a harsh cough afterwards.

Sasuke flinched from the obnoxious booming coming from his ex.

"Why the hell haven't you called me!? *cough..cough* I know you're here! I'm coming up there now, and if you've hurt Minochi... I swear to god I will tear this place down and shove every single, sharp piece of debris up you're already clogged-" He was cut off before the promise could be complete.

"Sorry, Sasuke!" Sakura apologized as quickly as she hung up the phone.

Sasuke gulped and got up from his desk.

 Kiba was smirking up a storm while Hinata just smiled.

'Thanks for jinxing me.' Sasuke thought to himself. He hit a button on the phone that called for his guards to help restrain his ex if needed.

Minochi squirmed himself out of Hinata's lap and ran off to the elevator. There he waited and counted the levels. The doors soon opened to reveal those guards that had escorted him last time. He was forced to stagger back a bit to let them in.

The elevator then continued down to pick up its next passenger.

The guards stood at the ready near the elevator doors. Everyone's focus were on the numbers at the top that flashed every few seconds when a new floor was reached. In Sasuke's mind, he was going over every possibility of what could happen. He also wondered what Naruto would look like after all these years. He definitely sounded the same aside from the coughing and death threats. It made him smile and got his heart to start pounding again in anticipation. The blond surely wouldn't feel the same. 

Sasuke eased up from his desk to be near his guards just in case.

The elevator then dinged just as the doors opened. An obviously sick man with dark circles around his still blazing ocean themed eyes, stood within.  His usual flawless blonde hair looked as if it had been sweated out to give it a now unruly shape. Even his wobbling exit from the elevator provided another hint that something was wrong.

Yet from the blue sweater and khaki pants, Naruto was still overall beautiful in that dad wear. A sickness was stopping his usual glow that came with him though.

Naruto's focus was dead on Sasuke. He himself wasn't surprised that after all this time the Uchiha still looked the same. The only thing that had changed was his height. He got taller. But that wasn't going to stop him from punching the raven in the face. Oh no, that was the guards' job. They seized him by his arms before he even got close enough.

"Really, Sasuke? You still can't *cough cough* confront me yourself?"  Naruto couldn't clutch his chest from the pain.  He just bared through it while attempting to get out of their hold.

Sasuke felt a staggering wave of feelings returning upon seeing his old flame again. He was rendered speechless for the moment so he ended up just staring rather awkwardly.

"Let him go!" Minochi darted over and started hitting the guards with his pointless fists.

 "Minochi!!" Naruto stilled at the sight of his unkempt child. "What happened to you?! Is that chocolate?? Were you crying- Why haven't you changed clothes?! What did he- SASUKE!" Every single problem and issue on his precious little boy all pointed to the raven bastard just standing there like he had no clue. "What the hell did you to him?!"  

At that point, the blond lost it a bit, but he was not without guilt. He blamed himself initially for ever sending his kid to this guy and by himself at that. He didn't think he'd make the trip with his son, but his worry put off the withering feeling inside to get on the next flight over. The plane trip was grueling and he spent half the time in bathroom. Now that he was here and seeing the little boy's state, none of that mattered now.  "You... You bastard!!"

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