Chapter 4: Should Have Called

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Hinata gasped when she saw the distraught little boy. Her husband made a face of 'what the fuck' at the situation. 

Sasuke didn't understand the reason for the looks he was receiving. If anything he was hoping that the child wasn't going to put on a show.

"What did you do to him?!" Hinata asked as she jutted up from her seat. She hurried over to the child to comfort him.

 "Really Uchiha?" Kiba stated angrily as he watched Hinata try to talk to the boy.

Sasuke starred a bit dazed that he was the problem when the kid basically ruined his morning, and now his interview. He shrugged it off and walked around them to his desk to get the papers that weren't ruined out.

"It's okay sweetie. I'm not going to hurt you. Why are you holding your breath?" she asked kindly. She then got on her knees to gently rake her fingers through his raven spiked hair. 

Minochi shook his head frantically still afraid to speak. He just kept his head held down.

"Please stop holding your breath. Sasuke why is he holding his breath?!" Hinata shot a glance over to the man at his desk.

"Trust me its best for all of us if he just remain quiet."


"Fine, fine! Minochi you can breathe."

"Sasuke that's child abuse you know that right?" Kiba had to shove his hands in his pockets to hide his shaking fists.

"It's not child abuse if-"

"Yes it fucking is!"

"Kiba watch your language please!" Hinata wasn't mad at her husband but she did want him to calm down. She turned her attention back to the child before her whom had started to cry again. He then clung onto the woman and buried his tear streaked face in her stomach.

Hinata hugged the small child before lifting his face to see his mournful features. She gasped when she saw the whiskered resemblance of her child hood crush with matching orbs to boot. Her thumb traced the fine lines over.

"He looks just like Naruto...What's your name?" Hinata asked, curiously.

Minochi perked up once he heard his 'moms' name. 

Kiba left his mini argument with Sasuke to see if what his wife had said was true. He took a knee beside her to look over the child that was calming down.

"Well I be damn." Kiba said jokingly only to get an elbow in the side by Hinata.

"My name is M-minochi...You k-know *hiccup* my m-mom?" the boy asked with hope in his eyes that they'd take him back to Naruto.

Kiba was a little confused after haven forgotten the video for a sec.

"Yes hun, I knew your mo- well Naruto before he moved away." Hinata said as she pulled out a handkerchief from her pocket. She then dabbed it a little on her tongue before she wiped the chocolate of the boy's face.

Kiba got up to get him a cup of water at a nearby fountain. When he returned a good portion of Minochi's face had been well cleaned. He handed the child the cup after Hinata finished up cleaning the remaining smudges.

"Why did he move away?" Minochi asked after he'd drunken some of the water.

Hinata frowned and nodded back towards Sasuke at his desk.

"Oh..." Minochi tried not to look at Sasuke.

Hinata smiled and picked the boy up while being careful not to spill the little water that remained in his cup. Her and her husband eventually came to their seats with Minochi sitting on her lap.

Sasuke hadn't noticed their return due to being busy trying to sort out his papers.

"Urhm." Hinata coughed, getting impatient.

Sasuke looked up to see the two eyeing him besides Minochi.

"I'm sorry about all this I just can't afford to deal with it rig-"

"Him, Sasuke.  If you can't say his name at least acknowledge that 'He' is a boy, not that or it." Hinata interrupted with a scowl at the man. Over the years Hinata had gotten real bold even as bold as to stand up to the awful man in front of her.

Kiba nodded in agreement.

Sasuke sighed and gave a heedless look towards Minochi.

"Yeah him, but please try to understand. We are so close to closing a deal that could make our companies peerless together. No other deals would need to be made between us or anyone else after this." Sasuke said as he looked for the graph and charts to prove his point.

Hinata just shook her head out of pity. She looked over at her husband to see him yawning. With Sasuke it was always business. They never got to talk about anything else with the man but business. It was hard to believe he had a life outside of the office.

Minochi watched Sasuke struggle and now started to understand the damage he'd done. That didn't give him the right to yank on him like that though, plus his arm was still hurting.

"Found it!" Sasuke proclaimed happily. He pulled out the graphs with drawings on them that were still able to be made sense of.

"Just ignore this crap on it." he laid them out on his desk, not noticing the hurt look on the boy's face.

"Sasuke he's right here!" Hinata hissed out. She patted the boys back to assure him it was okay. 

Sasuke tilted his head to the side at Hinata as if she was joking.

"Of course he's right there. If you'd put him down we can get to wor-"

"Watch it Uchiha!" Kiba gave a warning to the raven to watch his tongue.

Sasuke sighed inwardly before flailing his hands in the air.

"What do you want me to say? We've wasted enough time as it is, and I have another meeting in 10 to 20 minutes. Which will probably run late as well." Sasuke said as he drove his fingers through his hair.

"You need to relax Sasuke. If Naruto wants you to be a father figure to Minochi then you need to be-"

"That's just it Hinata!" Sasuke raised his voice causing Kiba to get out of his seat.

Sasuke ignored him and continued.

"I being his father makes absolutely no damn sense! So this means one or two things. There was a fucking miracle of some kind or this is just one big joke from Naruto to make my life a living hell like he always has."

Kiba walked around the desk and pointed an accusing finger at Sasuke.

"Apologize Uchiha. To both of them, now!" Kiba demanded as his finger filed back to join his other fingers to form into a fist.

Sasuke forced himself up out of his seat.

"You want me to apologize fine. I'm Sorry Inuzuka Hinata!" Sasuke gestured at the woman before looking down at Minochi on her lap.

 "And I'm Sorry to you Minochi. There, everyone's happy" Sasuke said, rather sarcastically as he dropped back down in his seat.

"You are so lucky Naruto isn't here." Hinata said with a roll of her eyes.  

"Who are you telling? I'm sending him back the moment I-" he stopped his rant when the phone rang. He answered it without pardoning himself from the conversation.

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