Chapter 18: Explanations and Accusations

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 "Okay when I was pregnant with Minochi I threw up once."

Sasuke sat back down in the chair and hunched over with clasped hands.

"That happened only a few maybe one week after I left, and it wasn't vomit." Naruto glanced over at Sasuke to see him shake his head and look down.

"Please listen. I went through hell when I was pregnant. There was no morning sickness after that just cramps and pointless nausea. 24 hour cramps that got worst and worst with each passing day. I couldn't eat or sleep sometimes and I...It got so bad I actually thought about getting an abortion...but I didn't. I was already too far along and I figured if it killed me oh well at least I tried you know." He pleaded with his voice for Sasuke to understand that he was going to need him to get through this, but the raven remained focused on one thing.

 "Why didn't you get help?"

"I did...they gave me pain killers and sent me on my way. At first they didn't believe me...They refused to do an ultrasound till I actually went into labor six months earlier than expected. They all looked so disgusted...except for this one nurse. She actually cried and congratulated me. Anyway they cut me up and got our son out."

"That's all very sad and stuff but why are you pregnant now Naruto? That's the question here."

"I don't know..."

"You are such a lia-"

"I don't know!! I'm trying to go over my pregnancy with you so we can figure this out together!"

Sasuke rubbed his temple and waved his hand for the blonde to continue.

"I was given after pills with the conception pills so maybe he got them mixed up? That could explain the acceleration of my pregnancy.... I only had to take two every year since he was born though. That's all nine of them too so there's no more." Naruto thought back hard to make sure he didn't take them out of sequence. 

"Its really hard to believe that you've never noticed you've been taking the wrong pills for how long now? I can't even humor you on that shit. Just tell me who you were fucking up there?!"

"I wasn't fucking anyone!! I told you Minochi came six months earlier than normal! Six out of nine!  Can you count asshole?! The only thing that doesn't make any sense is why I threw up twice in such a short period of time. It took at most a week after sex last time before I puked and I only puked once then. Do you hear anything that I'm saying?!"

Sasuke slumped back in his seat and shook his head with a fleeting unconvinced chuckle.

"Nope, I sort of stopped listening when you told me you weren't screwing anyone because everything else you've said makes no damn sense to me."

"...I haven't thrown up since two months ago Sasuke. That was right after I had sex with you." Naruto emphasized each word to the raven.

"But I thought that you said that it takes a week after sex before you puke?" Sasuke gestured to the right sarcastically.

"That's what I thought."

"So...they are Gaara's kids."

"No they're not Gaa-Wait what?"

"Twins. You and that damn red-head are having twins. Oh and they're boys so Congrats! Lee's going to be so happy don't you think?"  Sasuke got up and grabbed his coat aggressively while Naruto sat there dumbfounded.

"You know I think I finally understand why you came back." He mused and placed a finger to his chin.

Naruto looked up at the raven still a little shell-shocked that he was pregnant with twins.

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