Chapter 11: Good Night

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They pelted snowball after snowball at each other till Naruto started coughing up a storm. That was the cue that they needed to go inside.

Minochi held the door open for Sasuke to carry Naruto in. They had only been outside for a few minutes for Naruto to be freezing like this.

It was odd.

 Sasuke got him over to the couch where he laid him down gently. He then left to go start a warm bath for the two while Minochi checked on Naruto.


"Hm?" Naruto cleared his throat afterwards.

"Are you still sick?" The child fidgeted with his 'mom's' coat sleeve.

" sweetie. This is just a cold probably."

Minochi felt like Naruto was lying again. He never understood why he kept so many secrets.

"Alright the tubs ready for you two." Sasuke came back to help Naruto back up.

"I don't want to get Minochi sick Sasuke. If I am sick that is." Naruto tried not cough on the raven.

 "We'll I'll run a separate bath then. Minochi's old enough now anyway to take baths on his own right?" Sasuke asked.

Minochi forced a smile and nodded.

"Good, I'll get Naruto in then I'll set yours up." Sasuke led Naruto to the bathroom within his room. After stripping the blonde down without an incident he helped him into his bath. Then he left to start Minochi a bath in the guest room. While the water filled he helped the child with picking out pj's from the spar clothes he'd left there by mistake.

Once the bath was done he let Minochi have his privacy. He then went back to Naruto. It took him a minute to get the nerve to just peek in the bathroom. He was surprised to see Naruto apparently asleep.

Sasuke chuckled causing the blond to wake.

"Why don't you just join me instead of perv out like always?" Naruto asked with a slight cough.

Sasuke walked in and closed the door behind him.

"You sure?" Sasuke asked as he started to rid himself of his clothing.

Naruto chuckled and rolled his eyes.

"Well you're already stripping down so...yeah. Plus I don't mind making you sick." Naruto moved up a bit to allow him to sit behind.

Sasuke got in behind the man and wrapped his arms around him like always and pulled him close.

"How do you feel?" Sasuke trailed kisses along his shoulder.

Naruto giggled and relaxed.

"Great, how's Minochi?" Naruto asked as he allowed Sasuke to wash him.

"He's fine. I don't think he's too happy about taking a bath all by himself. I told him he could bring some of his toys into the bath, but nothing electrical."

"Good job Sasuke. I'm proud!" Naruto leaned back and kissed the raven on the cheek.

Sasuke smiled triumphantly before sliding the rag he had on the blonde's chest downward.

"What do you think you're doing?" Naruto asked with a quirked eyebrow at raven's suggestive motions.

Sasuke shrugged and continued on down over his stomach.

"Nothing just cleaning you. Your sick remember?" Sasuke said with a fake apathetic tone. He then casually reached the man's inner thighs.

Naruto blushed and gripped the raven's wrist.

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