Chapter 19: Sasuke

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Updated: 12/7/14 ~ Authors Note: (For those who have read it skip to the Lawyer part. That's where the change has started with minor keep sakes until after he leaves. There is no conscience anymore! But there is going to be someone else... Ignore the errors I was rushed by my mother.)

Some weeks had passed along with the drop in temperature to its normal 75 degrees.  The snow was now gone and so everything was back to its dull gray atmosphere for the Uchiha. His office reflected his aura with its gloomy and cold vibe. He stayed there anyway in his apparent element doing everything possible to keep himself from thinking about the 'cheating' blond or his son that he hadn't been back to see for some time.

Sasuke didn't mean to punish the child but he was around Gaara and he wanted to stay as far away from him as possible. He couldn't take it that the ginger was the father.

When Tsunade had told him Naruto was pregnant with twins and that it 'looked' like he'd been pregnant for a while he wanted any other reason but that. Yet when Naruto woke up and told him what happened that only fueled the theory even more that they weren't his.

But then why have a contract at all if Naruto knew this? If they do turn out his then....

'They can't be mine...It makes no sense.' Sasuke spun around in his chair with an unsettled look on his face. He had nothing to do and couldn't remember what he did when Naruto wasn't there. Work seemed more and more of a bore to the point where he canceled every appointment made. So much for keeping busy huh?

"What am I missing?" Sasuke asked aloud to himself. He tortured his hair again with constant pulling and scraping.

Something was missing and deep down he knew the answer but that answer to him was a liar. The phone on his desk started to ring to draw him away from his thoughts. He just stared at it with a twitch in his eye before ripping it off the cord and casting it to the window. Unfortunately it didn't break or crack. That's what you get for having bulletproof glass.

The phone was totaled though.

Sasuke was indeed restless. He wasn't dressing his best anymore and his hair was wild like an actual hedgehog.  Flaring out this way and that in the back and his poor bangs had seen better days. They were no longer separated and had now joined to create one bang over his face that he had to cut just to see. For some it looked exotic, to people that know him it looked a hot mess. 

His daily attire consisted of a beer stained white shirt with a black leather jacket, ripped black jeans and matching timberland boots. He'd gone back to his rebel teen years and that didn't look to bad except he was a GROWN ASS MAN looking like a Grease reject(Not a bad movie to me actually). He'd also taken up shades to hide his hateful gaze.

 Could one guy really make an esteemed business man like Uchiha Sasuke degrade himself to the lowest degree in his eyes? Yes.

Only if that man is Naruto though.

His bubbly college sweetheart that he fawned over as soon as he saw him with his brother Itachi.  They fought and fought for his affection till Naruto eventually chose him. Together they stayed in that puppy love stage till life hit and things got difficult between them.

Naruto wanted to spend some time together while Sasuke had to carry on the family business when his older brother by two years left to join the Navy.

Now that he thought about it, Naruto was always at his side despite his own problems like struggling with grades. All the blond ever did that was bad was complain that he wasn't there enough. He made it up to him with that surprise birthday party but that was it. He never spent any other time with his ex other than that because of his school work. And Naruto rarely got to focus on his work because he was pestered by Sasuke on where he was and why. It wasn't that he didn't trust Naruto...It was more that he didn't trust other people around his prize.

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