Chapter 25: Delivery

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~ With everything happening so fast Itachi thought it best to wait outside Tsunade's office in one of the chairs with Minochi safely asleep on his lap while the two inside continued to yell at each other over the dire circumstances. ~

Sasuke paced back and forth in front of her desk forcing himself to think harder to the point where he just ended up with a headache. He refused to break down even though his eyes were giving in. In the end all he could hear was the tapping of his brother's foot and the tick of the clock on the wall along with the repeated phrase of 'There is no other way.'

"Sasuke I know you want to save him but it's time to accept the inev-"

"Please don't say that." He halted and draped his slender hands over his face.

"We are running out of time! He's already prepped in the operating room right now and I need to be there. You signed the contract so even if you and Naruto were married you still wouldn't have a say so. I'm only indulging you in this because you asked for me to come up with another solution and I can't! He's a pregnant man Sasuke! This is already difficult to understand on top of the fact of why they are coming so EARLY! I couldn't get the reports from his other pregnancy and the guy that gave him the pills has turned up missing, so I have to treat him like a woman which he isn't! He's in critical condition as well. Can you hear me?! He is going to bleed out!"  Tsunade was having just as much trouble with this as he was.

Nothing was going right, and her hair was wild from frustration on top of the fact that she hadn't had a decent drink in weeks. She didn't want to lose her idiot and half considered saving him instead.

Sasuke clenched his fist and slammed them down on the desk in more of plea than an aggressive movement.

"You aren't fucking trying!"

"I am!! What the hell have you done?! You're the reason he's in this mess! We've been talking about this for ten minutes and have gotten nowhere!"

~ The navy solider shook his head at the muffled yelling he could hear from the other side.  With his nephew asleep on his lap he continued to tap his foot to the floor to keep his leg from going numb. ~

Sasuke knocked her things of her desk before gripping his hair and turning around to the door. He was acting off adrenaline and fear of loss wanting to break things to get steam off. He would have started with his brother's leg if he was in the room.

"Very mature asshole!"

"Fuck you Tsunade!" he cursed with grief in his voice. Raising a fist to the door he said slowly, "Itachi stop tapping your damn ..." trailing off with that demand he got a clue as a result.

"I think I have an idea..."

"What is it because we have to do it now?!" Tsunade stood up to see what Sasuke was looking at since they were only two people in the room.


Heading towards the operating room in her white get up and green mouth mask she kept the Uchiha's words in mind. What he had suggested could work if Naruto could last long enough. The babies would be fine but it'll all be up to his will power in the end.

"Where have you been?!" One of the nurses working the machines had been keeping the unconscious blonde under surveillance and diagnostic.

"New plan."

"But he's already prepared for the C-section! We can't ju-"

"Shut up and do as I say." Tsunade ordered with a muffled voice from her mask as she washed her hands and slipped on her gloves.

"Well you should know that we have already given him anesthetics but it's not enough..."

"That's fine...were going to up the dosage."

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