Chapter 8: A Mess

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Naruto was wrapped in a white cotton blanket while sitting on a lovely olive green couch with floral designed mini pillow cushions. The temperature had started to drop instantly out of nowhere. Day's had passed by since the fight. He'd missed his plane that day as well. He ended up procrastinating till a storm rolled in causing him to stay longer.

Gaara handed him some coco from the kitchen he and Minochi had made some time ago.

Naruto took it kindly and blew over it before taking a sip.

 "Thank you again Gaara..." Naruto said as he looked down at the cup.

"No problem. Naruto you should know that no one has been able to contact Sasuke. He hasn't been showing up to work apparently from what Lee has told me. They had to call the police just to make sure he was alive." Gaara took a seat in a matching armchair across from the blond.

"Why are you telling me this?" Naruto asked before he took another sip.

"Because his voicemails are directed at you. He will only answer your cal-"

"I don't care Gaara." Naruto shrugged and rolled his eyes. He stole a glance at Minochi asleep near the fire place.

"Are you sure about that? You could have left long before the storm hit, yet here you are." Gaara crossed his arms and quirked an eyebrow at the blond.

Naruto faltered and looked back down. It was true. Naruto had been over Gaara's house now for a good week at least. He had many chances to leave but something made him stay till it was too late.

"I'll leave as soon as the storm clears." Naruto looked towards the window at the falling snow outside.

Gaara groaned before pointing a finger at his friend.

"You and Sasuke need to talk this out right now. I know you still feel something for this bastard your Naruto. You're that sentimental kid I grew up with that would stick beside anyone no matter how far they'd fallen. Do you know how many bipolar phone calls I've received from Sasuke! Literally over a hundred. This guy will call screaming curses one minute then crying apologies the next to speak to you. It's quite pathetic and annoying. More importantly that little boy is in the middle of this. Think about what this is doing to him." Gaara sighed at the end.

He wanted his household to go back to peace and quiet where he could be with Lee on his off days. He loved having Minochi around, but sometimes Naruto would go on rants about Sasuke then Sasuke would call ranting about Naruto.

He was done. He refused to spend another snow day with these two fighting.

Naruto fidgeted with his coco then looked back over at Minochi.

"I'll call him." Naruto caved. He pulled out his cell phone and turned it on. Sasuke had called his phone too, but he'd turned it off long before the raven could blow it up.

When phone beeped to life hundreds of pms and missed calls popped up. Sasuke had been using the card Naruto had given him. He recalled Sasuke's number and waited. No answer came which caught Naruto off guard.

"He's not...answering?" Naruto said with a quizzical look at Gaara whom pulled out his phone to call the man. 

He got no response either.

"We'll go over there tomorrow." Gaara said after he'd hung up. He then stood up to stretch.

"It'll have died down by then." Gaara added as he headed over to pick up Minochi and carry him to the guest room they'd been staying in.

Naruto got up and followed the two. He watched the man lay Minochi down gently. It was about time for Gaara to head off for work, so Lee would be home soon.

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