Chapter 2: Good start

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He'd apologized to the boy for his choice of words, but Minochi didn't care. Naruto had way worst choices of words than he did at times.

Since Sasuke had no appointments today he decided to finish up early and then go home. Nothing to important happened while Minochi waited for Sasuke to finish. If anything he fell asleep on the couch until it was time to go.

They had to make a stop at the airport to pick up the things that he'd left because he was too small to take them with him. The bags consisted of his clothes, personal necessities and toys.

It was real late in the day when they were finally heading home. The sun was about to go down so headlights were on.

Minochi was safely strapped in the passenger seat with a juice box in hand.

The little boy was singing along to a song on his Owl City CD that he'd brought with him. It was now playing in Sasuke's chrome black Mustang.

"(Take to the Sky's by Owl City,) There's a realm above the trees. Where the lost are finally found. Touch your feathers to the breeze, and leave the ground. Birds-eye view, awake the stars 'cause they're all around you. Wide eyes will always brighten the blue. Chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet bravery. 'Cause after all those wings will take you, up so high. So bid the forest floor goodbye as you race the wind, and take to the sky" Minochi sung happily between sips from his juice box.

He made a mistake at the last part of the sung where he outstretched his arms a little too quick to pretend he was flying. The juice box slipped out of his hand, but the straw remained in his mouth.  Apple juice spilt all over his black shorts and Sasuke's precious leather seat to drip a little onto the floor.

Sasuke had saw the little incident in motion and almost swerved trying to catch the juice box, but he failed. He hit the top of the stirring wheel with the palm of his hand out of anger. To keep from lashing out at the child he focused on the road.

Minochi gave the man an apologetic face with the straw still between his small thin lips. When he didn't get any acknowledgement he took the straw out of his mouth to sit on his soaked lap.

"I'm sorry!" the little boy's frantic voice cried out. He then stripped himself of his hoodie revealing a red shirt labeled 'Little People Power' in comic book styled letters. He leaned over the best he could and tried to soak up the juice with his hoodie.

Sasuke shook his head and took the boy's hoodie from him. He then tossed it to the back carelessly.

 "Don't, just don't touch anything." Sasuke had clear signs of irritation in his voice.

Minochi pouted and crossed his arms while forcing his back against the seat.

"Bastard...I was just trying to help" he mumbled out under his breathe.

"What was that?" Sasuke glanced over at the now pouting child. Since he didn't get a response he pulled over to the side and stopped the car. He turned his upper body slightly to Minochi whom seemed to be trying to sink into the seat.

"What did you say?"

"I said I was just trying to help." Minochi didn't look at Sasuke as he mumbled this.  He just starred ahead and held his pout there with arms crossed.

Sasuke grunted, not feeling in the mood to argue so he just started the car back up.

"You said a little more than that."

"I didn't sa-"

"Don't lie to me Minochi." Sasuke interrupted once the engine roared to life. He sped up more than he should have to get back on the road.

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