Chapter 16: Naruto

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Authors Note: ( Please Read: Okay I'm going to keep this brief as possible lol I do not have internet still but I'm using this random link I found that's really faint like so bad that I have to stand and hold my laptop up.

 Plus Mother Nature has finally kicked in so if the story starts to seem 'aggressive' it's because my emotions are off whack majorly. I might come back and change something's later when it's over.  

I did go back and fix my millions of mistakes and even changed something's around to make it make more sense. They aren't major changes though just little notes that don't affect the now accept one part but that's barely noticeable when you read it hopefully. Hope you enjoy and sorry for the wait.

PS: Apologies for the large GAPS at the ends!  I'm rushing to get these out before the connection dies again. )


A hidden sun blocked out by white fluffy misshapen clouds backed up with vast baby blue was reflected from the office window to give the room very dim lighting. The city below looked more busy than usual with snow everywhere on the many tall building tops and window panes. The perk for being up that high though was actually the sound.

You could hear absolutely nothing going on below unless something exploded. The two adults in the office thought themselves lucky for that. For their son would have woken up in a heartbeat if he heard roaring car engines and the obnoxious everyday lives of people passing by.

Said child was asleep on the couch facing away from his parents. He was curled up in his dad's blazer with his head resting on his 'mom's' jacket that had been folded up to be a pillow.

"He's awfully small." Sasuke said thoughtfully as he tapped a pen to his lips with a document held in the other.

"Is that a problem?" Naruto asked sarcastically from the floor. He'd been putting up Minochi's toys and was almost finished.

"No? He's just small for his age besides his behavior."

"I hope you're not one of those people that want the perfect child?"

Sasuke just grinned and shook his head before responding with, "Not at all, you know me better than that."

"Well Sasuke you should know that every child is different, plus this wasn't a 'normal' birth." Naruto actually sounded insulted for some reason despite what the raven had said. He got up from the floor and placed the bag of toys on the right side of the couch. For some reason he was extremely thirsty so he walked over to the water fountain.

Sasuke looked up over his paper and watched.

"No need to get defensive over nothing."

"Mhm, fuck you."

"If that's what you want." Sasuke sighed and placed his pen and paper on the desk neatly. He then got up and walked over to the blonde that was dousing down water as if it was a contest.

"Keep your hands off Uchiha." Naruto tried to shrug the man off but he was doing it so lazily that he ended up just snuggling into his arms instead. He dropped the cup in the trash ben near the fountain after he'd given up.

"What's with the hostility all of a sudden?"

"Well everyone comments on his height, the way he acts and all this other bullshit. You know the doctor told me that he wouldn't make it through the night when I had him? He went into full detail of why and how which basically came out as some religious rant. You should have seen the shock on his face when he did. I switched doctors the next day out of fear that he might hurt him. And so here we are. He's perfectly healthy too! He's growing slowly but still..." Naruto stared at the water fountain with depressed thoughts taking over his usual optimistic mindset as well as a weird feeling in his stomach.

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