Chapter 12: Ready For Work

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Late in the afternoon Naruto stretched an arm out on the bed to feel nothing next to him. He opened his eyes to see what he felt was true. The bed was completely empty and the two boys were nowhere in sight.

"Minochi? Sasuke?" the blonde asked out loud as he got up out of bed.  He looked towards the open door to see a shadow against the wall outside the room.

 Minochi peeked his head around.

"You're awake!" The child shouted before running out from around the doorway showing that he'd changed back into his blue hoodie that he'd left behind with some black jeans he had misplaced.

Naruto smiled and walked around the bed to catch the little boy and hug him.

Sasuke later came around the doorway to lean against the outline of it.

"Morning sunshine, we made breakfast this time." Sasuke informed him with arms crossed.

"Oh no you cooked and rhymed." Naruto said sarcastically to the man while he put the boy down.

"He wouldn't let me add sugar because it makes him sick. Is sugar bad for vampires?" Minochi asked while pointing at Sasuke whom just grinned.

"No sweetie, Sasuke is just very sensitive to sweet things. He gets a tummy ache like when you eat too much ice cream." Naruto explained to the best of his abilities.

"Oh..." Minochi thought about it for second.

"I have work in a few minutes so we need to eat now." Sasuke said before he left the room.

Naruto just shook his head and walked along with Minochi back to the kitchen.

They'd made a rather nice little breakfast with bacon, eggs, (none buttered) toast, bitter lemonade and a jelly jar was put in the middle.

"Very good you two it looks nice." Naruto complemented them with a smile.

At the table Minochi sat beside Naruto and Sasuke sat across from them.

"So how long are you going to be at work?"  Naruto asked curiously. He handed Minochi a napkin to wipe the jelly of the corners of his mouth.

"I was out for a good week so I have to make up that time. Oh I picked up the results though during that period as well. There on my desk in my workstation." Sasuke said between bites of his food.

"Did you look at it?"

Minochi was stuffing his face with a jelly and egg bacon toast sandwich.

"Of course."


Naruto looked over at Minochi again to see his mouth full. 'Why is my child a food monster? I suppose he gets that from me.' He thought to himself.

"He's ours." Sasuke glanced over at Minochi but then had to double take back after seeing the child's plate be filled with more food.

"Minochi are you okay?" Sasuke asked a bit worried.

 Minochi stopped midway with his mouth open ready receive more bacon.

"Unhuh!" Minochi then devoured the bacon happily.

"A big appetite like me?" Naruto said hopefully.

"I guess, but if he's still hungry after this well take him to the doctor." Sasuke said as he got up from the table.

"W-wah?! I'm naht sack tho!" The boy spoke with his mouth full.

"Don't talk with your mouth full. I'm going to go get ready. You two can get ready as well when you're done. Yes you both have to come with me and yes both of you will be bored as hell so bring something along to do." Sasuke didn't stay to hear to their complaints on the matter.

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