Chapter 7: Maybe Not

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The next day Sasuke awoke to the smell of breakfast, something he hadn't experienced for a long time after Naruto left. He got up out of bed wearing his Uchiha Fan blue boxers. He headed into the kitchen to see Minochi and Naruto sitting around the table eating.

"Just helped yourself?" Sasuke asked sarcastically as he took a seat between the two whom laughed a bit. They'd fixed him a plate as well that consisted of some deformed pancakes with bacon and eggs.

Sasuke quirked an eyebrow at this only to see Naruto signal that Minochi made it.

"This is very good" Sasuke complemented the boy that was stuffing his face.

Minochi looked up with a mouthful and smiled proudly.

Naruto just smiled and continued to eat.

"Work?" Naruto asked after he'd pulled out his pill bottle. He took the last one out and doused it down with some water.  

Sasuke hooked a piece of bacon, pancakes and eggs on his fork. It wasn't that bad though the pancakes looked like baby octopus's branching out everywhere.

"Mm-no. Is that your last one by the way?" Sasuke asked as he chewed. The food wasn't bad at all.

"Yup I should be good now." Naruto cheered a little.

"Should be? What kind of pills are those anyway?" Sasuke asked. He looked over at Minochi chugging down water.

"Just pills for me that help regulate the changes my body went through during the pregnancy. Don't look at me like that I'm fine now!"

"Alright, alright I guess we can go to the doc early to get tested. That way we can just hang out the rest of the day." Sasuke grabbed a napkin.

"Slow down before you choke to death." he wiped the boy's mouth with the napkin.

Naruto chuckled from Sasuke's sudden act of fatherly/motherly care.

After breakfast they got ready.

 Sasuke got dressed in his room while Naruto and Minochi got dressed in theirs.

They left around 12 to go to the doctor.

Tsunade was their doctor for today. With both hands on her hips she looked over the two. She was happy to see Naruto again, but their request was just weird for such a sudden reunion.

"You want me to what?" she asked again still a bit startled that the boy was literally fathered instead of mothered. That would explain why the child was small for his age amongst other things.

"DNA test." Sasuke repeated. He looked down to see Minochi actually clinging onto him this time.

Naruto was sitting on the bed childishly playing around with the bed paper.

"How is this even possible? Naruto did you go to see that doctor down ther-"

"Yes." Naruto said as if it was perfectly okay.

"Are you out of your mind?! You could have died!" 

Naruto just shrugged and continued to mess with the weird bed sheet thing.

Sasuke picked up Minochi and sat him on the bed with Naruto.

"Wait he could of what?" Sasuke asked now understanding what she'd said.

"That doctor does illegal tests on people! That sometimes work. I don't even know how he's able to still have his license. I suppose your taking aftermath pills for this?" Tsunade went on.

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