Chapter 15: Protective much?

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Naruto was pulling on his red V-neck shirt when he heard Jiraiya and Minochi's voice.

Sasuke quirked an eyebrow at this, wondering what the hell Jiraiya was here for. While he straightened his tie over his still unbuttoned shirt he took a guess that they might have been there because of the noise.  He'd lost control and forgot to keep it down, so they hadn't heard anything a while ago due to being lost in complete lust.

 "What are we going to do?!" Naruto asked in a hurried whisper as he slipped the shirt on all the way.

Sasuke shrugged while looking towards the still bottom less blonde with his legs crossed. He really hadn't heard anything Naruto had said. All he was thinking about was going another round. He walked back over to him and kissed his forehead before trailing down to the man's soft pink lips.

"N-No!" Naruto drove his fingers through the raven's hair anyway. Even though he protested he did miss the way Sasuke held him, caressed him, kissed him and overall loved him. He wanted nothing more than to stay locked in that room for hours. He leaned back onto the table and pulled the brunette down with him.

Gentle kiss after gentle kiss was matched with the holding of hands against the cold table top.

Their tender moment came to a stop due to banging on the door.

"Hey, are you two done yet?! Your son, I think, is out here freaking out!"  Jiraiya shouted through the door.

Naruto groaned and nudged the raven up so he could get off the table. The stinging pain in his lower back caused him to stall every now in the process.

Sasuke watched the rushing blonde get his clothes back on while he lazily got dressed himself.

"We'll be out in a sec!" Naruto hopped on one leg to put on his shoe that was rather difficult to get on because he didn't button up his pants so they were sagging off his waist.

Sasuke was buttoning up his own pants while thinking of how to explain this.


Minochi kindly took the handkerchief from the cop that reminded him of a pirate. He then wiped his tears that had stained his cheeks.

 "Well your parents will be out shortly and we'll get to the bottom of what was going on." Kakashi assured the boy as he picked up the hook of the phone and stood back up. He set the hook and phone back on Sasuke's desks to fix it back up.  

"We'll start with Naruto first. Ah ha did you see what I did there?" He gave a thumbs up with his right hand to his partner to see if he got it.

Kakashi ignored his partner and focused on fixing the phone on Sasuke's desk.

"I take that as a no? Semi no? Okay." Jiraiya's hand was wavering from a thumbs up to a thumb in between and a thumbs down with the pointless question asked. Needless to say he was having too much fun with the situation.

Minochi ignored the two cops and walked over to the door with the handkerchief in hand.

Jiraiya's thumbs up hand then switched to an open palm for the boy to halt.

"Whoa, wait till they come out."

"But, b-bu-"

"Naruto is fine! Didn't you hear him before? He may have sounded angry but he didn't shout anything about Sasuke hurting him technically."

"He's right Minochi. Just give them a sec." Kakashi walked from around the desk after finishing with the phone. He then retrieved the child a cup of water from the fountain.

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