Secrets (Yandere Sasuke x Mute Naruto) SasuNaru by AwesomeYaoiNinja
Secrets (Yandere Sasuke x Mute Heather
Naruto is mute and it the first day of school. Naruto just wants to disappear and avoid unnecessary trouble at school. His past isn't the brightest. On the way to school...
  • kyuubi
  • naruto
  • yandere
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The mute musician by SammySumner
The mute musicianby Sammy Sumner
  • yaoi
  • sasunaru
  • complete
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Spirited Away (sasunaru) by Squidtcyc
Spirited Away (sasunaru)by Squidtcyc
Naruto and Sasuke has been banished from the spirit world and into the human world. What will happen? Will they ever be able to get back to their world? I suck at summar...
  • seme
  • sasunaru
  • yaoi
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The beauty of the Elements by ShinChan20
The beauty of the Elementsby ShinChan20
Naruto's life has been a living hell. No one would acknowledge him and treat him like a human. His senseis' and friends all don't care about him anymore. Even his crush...
  • love-triangle
  • sakura
  • naruto
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Blinded by scrletfyre
Blindedby elizabeth.vounce
While on an A ranked mission with Team Seven consisting of Sasuke, Sai, and Sakura. Naruto who is still a mere genin is told by the elders of the council to protect Sasu...
  • mpreg
  • boyxboy
  • kurama
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When it Rains (SasuNaru) by XxTheDarkLordxX
When it Rains (SasuNaru)by XxTheDarkLordxX
*Complete* This is a story about a very sad and lonely Naruto. His happy smile and determination are all an act. He is sad and broken on the inside. The abuse and negle...
  • comfort
  • depression
  • sasunaru
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Replacing My Sister || FullbusterFic » vonlane by vonlane
Replacing My Sister || 땡!
The Namikaze family has fallen along with its kingdom. Two boys escaped and one disappeared in that revolt. Once becoming of age, Naruto decides to sacrifice himself for...
  • yaoi
  • naruto
  • pein
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Will You Love Me Again? by SeroEros
Will You Love Me Again?by SeroEros
Just read to find out I'm suck in summary (Sasunaru mpreg) I didn't own naruto characters And also the cover of my story its belong to whom created them
  • naruto
  • random
  • mpreg
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The True Me by Mystic_Nightmare
The True Meby Mystic_Nightmare
Naruto has been taking abuse from the villagers for time and time again. He sick and tired of it all. When Naruto is 2 and running from the villagers after giving him a...
  • anbunaruto
  • mask
  • yaoi
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Kidnapper's Benefits (SasuNaru) by OtakuBro998
Kidnapper's Benefits (SasuNaru)by Sasu-Chan
[Highest rank: #1 in Sasunaru] Sasuke Uchiha: a wanted criminal with no respect towards the human race. A wanted ninja that kills others for the sake of his own sanity...
  • narusasu
  • violence
  • sasuke
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Away From Here (Naruto Fanfic) by Wolfphantom8
Away From Here (Naruto Fanfic)by Wolfphantom8
Naruto has been beaten and hurt by the villagers all because he is the jinchūriki of the Nine Tail Fox. After a sad event, Naruto leaves Konoha with Kurama (the Nine Tai...
  • kurama
  • jiraya
  • goodorochimaru
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Black Sheep | SasuNaru by Iwaizumiii
Black Sheep | SasuNaruby Sxlent
How does one deal with being the black sheep of the family? Especially when said family has more than thirteen kids. Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or it's characters!
  • drugs
  • sasuke
  • selfharm
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I'm sorry by Mophar
I'm sorryby Mophar
They were young. Naruto innocent and Sasuke a thug on drugs. Their relationship was strange in the eyes of everyone and soon enough Sasuke was caught cheating on Naruto...
  • sasunaru
  • devestation
  • narut
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Nine tails by ACthecat
Nine tailsby ACthecat
Hybrids. Dominants and submissives. Konoha. Yaoi. Omegaverse.
  • sasunaru
  • naruto
  • nejinaru
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Somebody To Call Family (A Naruto Fanfiction) by That_One_Anime_Lvr
Somebody To Call Family (A That_One_Anime_Lvr
At the age of three, naruto was so happy to be adopted by the uchiha's. He had a family and wasn't alone anymore. But how long would it last?, At age fifthteen itachi ki...
  • fanfiction
  • tragedy
  • naruto
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The Choices We've Made by TheirDiamonds
The Choices We've Madeby Mesi
BOOK 1 Sasuke & Naruto have been married for five years and have been trying to have a baby for the past two years but are still unsuccessful. Sasuke started cheating on...
  • abusiveboyfriend
  • lovehate
  • naruto
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Identity SasuNaru by yanira4567
Identity SasuNaruby Lost__mercury
Naruto is dressed as a girl? Sasuke is a king ? Naruto has healing powers and all he wants is to help Sasuke's family but what if he gets stuck with sasuke for life beca...
  • sasukexnaruto
  • uchihasasuke
  • naruto
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naruto the fairy prince by gayer_then_you
naruto the fairy princeby gay all the way
narutos dad was a namikaze, a legendary clan that beholds the blue fairy bloodline. narutos mother was an uzumaki. the half fairy clan. this couses naruti ti be 75 perc...
  • kurama
  • friends
  • sasunaru
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How To Break a Mask (Sasunaru) by kinomiakai
How To Break a Mask (Sasunaru)by Kinomi Akai
Moved from COMPLETE (After 10 years!). An incident at the festival on Oct. 10th reveals that there is a lot that everyone doesn't know about Naruto. Smart!Naruto...
  • narutoxsasuke
  • hinata
  • uzumaki
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