Chapter 23: Tough Love

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Sasuke had to be sat down in one of the wooden chairs at the table with an ice pack over his nose. It didn't help that Naruto eventually made his presence known that he was watching the whole time. Astonishingly enough though the blonde was the one that fixed the ice pack for him and was assisting him with bitter, bitter and bitter affection.

"Tilt your head back dammit!" Naruto ordered as he entangled his fingers in the raven hair and tugged the desired direction.

The Uchiha groaned and whimpered from the unnecessary pain added but he had to accept it. This was his penalty.

"Ah, thank you." Sasuke said with an aching smile.

"You're welcome." Naruto cooed with malevolence in his voice.

Sasuke shrunk out of fear and attempted to scoot away but the blonde stopped him. He was starting to have second thoughts about enduring this so called 'assistance'.

"Um Itachi can you help me out instead?"

"Nope, I like living actually." Itachi was leaning back on the counter with a beer in his hand watching the blonde torment his brother with very harsh love.

"He keeps moving his head forward. It's not my fault he still won't listen." Naruto had a false innocence to his voice with a coy pout. He continued to toy with the messy sable locks next of him.

Sasuke sighed and waited for the next assault on his hair. Instead he was met with a nostalgia feeling at the hands playing around within them causing him to drift away for a minute.

Naruto took notice of this when the raven started to feebly moan. He blushed for a sec and pulled down hard on the Uchiha's strands again.

"Ow...." Sasuke groaned out once through a smirk.

"Maybe you shouldn't pull so hard Naruto." Itachi said in an attempt to help out his little brother.

"Oh would you like to take his place?" Naruto eyed the man with a challenging brow.

 Itachi shook his head and took a swig from his beer deciding to stay out of it.

"Good." With that the blonde turned his attention back to the man in the chair.

Sasuke didn't want to be rescued anymore now. With eyes closed he was in la la land from the skilled hands in his hair bringing back memories. He winced when his hair was pulled again but a smirk remained plastered on his face.

"Okay he's sober. Take him home." Naruto gave up seeing as though the Uchiha was enjoying it more than hating it.

"No wait I'm not Sober." Sasuke jerked awake still holding the ice pack over his nose.

"He says he's not."

"Itachi only a sober person would say they're sober!"

"That's not how it works Naruto. Even drunk people can claim to be sober."

"He's right." Sasuke chimed in not wanting to leave just yet or at all.

"You shut up!" Naruto crossed his arms childishly and glared at the Uchiha still smugly smirking next to him.

"Awe come on you know you don't want me to go either."

The pregnant man's face lit up like a red light.

"Keep your damn head back!" He grabbed a fist full of the raven hair and yanked it back out of flustered rage.

 "Okay maybe your right. He does sound sober." Itachi said with a chuckle.

"Thank you!"

"What? No I'm not!" Sasuke sat up again despite the growing pain in the back of his head from the abuse.

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