Chapter 1: Surprise

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(Warning: I don't own the Naruto franchise. Tis a fanfiction story I created.) 

((Side Note: This story is undergoing a rewrite so there will be things changed from the previous work like age and such for the second book. The summary is there and I will put it at then of this))

Uchiha Sasuke is a wealthy, 25 year old business man. Head of the ever growing infamous Sharingan Corporation. The best technology software company out there. They lead in communications and weapons. Right now this man has everything he thought he wanted.

Today, so far, was like any other day for Sasuke.  

He was up in his large, neat and kind of plain office as usual. With low-cut gray carpet flooring and cream walls giving it more of a bland atmosphere. His desk was in the middle of his office far back near the large open window length wall to look out over the city, but it faced the mirage doors that opened to hall outside his office. A leather couch was set to the right against the cream wallpaper with two leather swivel chairs for bringing up to the desk in case of company.

A printing room was off to the left of the mirage doors. Near that printing room door was cabinets with filing papers and such. On the wall to his right over the couch was the calendar and his plain circular clock that ticked away the day. The left side just consisted of more filing cabinets and a water fountain.

He himself was going through boring files of papers for the next negotiation he was to make with the Byakugan Corp.  He'd been pacing back and forth in front of his desk as he went over the files to make sure everything was perfect.

Sasuke stopped his pacing once the phone on his oak wooden desk top started to ring. He waited a minute before he pressed the small gray speaker button with his index finger.

Haruno Sakura's  cheery voice came through over the speaker. 

"Mr. Uchiha there is a special guest here to see you!" The woman cooed happily as she bit back a giggle.

Sasuke quirked an eyebrow at this. It wasn't her giggling but it was the fact that he himself knew he didn't have any appointments today. He looked over at the vacation themed calendar to see what he'd knew was true, no scheduled appointments whatsoever till tomorrow.

"I have no meetings today Ms. Haruno. Who is it?" he asked upon turning back to his papers.

Sakura covered the bottom end of the phone so he couldn't hear the noise she made when she leaned over the counter to whisper to the small boy.

"What's your name cutie?"

The little boy with blue eyes, brunette hair and whiskered cheeks on his pale coded skin looked up at the woman confused.

"My n-name is *hiccup* M-Minochi Uchiha," he spoke quietly. He tried his best not to look at the woman. Whenever he was afraid he'd get the hiccups and look around frantically for a way out. He clutched the letter in his small hands against his blue hoodie.

Sakura let an 'awe' escape her lips before she returned back to the call.

"His name is Minochi Uchiha."

Sasuke didn't know anyone with that name in his family so that made him think one or two things. One this guy is trying to be smart ass and or this was a family member he just didn't know about.

"What does he want?"

 Sakura looked over the boy and saw the letter.

"He has a letter for you I'm guessing," she respond with a smile.  She handed the boy a cup of water she'd gotten for him while Sasuke took a moment to think.

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