Chapter 28: Parenting

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Life in the new Uchiha household was now louder, highly obnoxious, inappropriate and vague ever since Sasuke married the blonde. They've lost four neighbors over the months and have gained quite a fan base with their adorable children, especially the twins.

On one occasion the nanny they had hired to watch the kids while they worked, had tried to kidnap them resulting in Naruto staying at home permanently.  He was sort of used to it anyway from having Minochi. However, this meant he had to  give up on college and let that secretly bother him.

5 years have passed since the little devils were born and now they were walking around the new vast one-story ruby house, causing trouble with Naruto and Minochi when dad wasn't home. They had grown allot and were at the proper height their big brother should have been at this age if not taller.

Sasuke took them to work every now and then on the days he could. He paid more attention to them than his job anyway so why not bring them with him? What Tsunade had said was true. They were daddy's boys. He was their first attempted word, first person they walked for and the only one that could get them to behave at times.

Right now the Uchiha was messing with the twin boys' hair at their play table. It had a habit of flattening out in the back and he couldn't stand it. The duo just laughed at every brush and gel attempt put on their unruly hair. "Hold still, Akimeto," he said kindly, brushing out the child's hair while he played with the blocks. 

"Okay, daddy." Meto spoke perfectly and clearly with the good schooling his father got for him. He also behaved because he liked his hair fixed. His twin on the other hand, started to climb under the table.

"Zeto, get form under there!"

"No." He couldn't see but he felt the table and knew it had underneath from how many times he hit his knee on the edge. He bumped his head a bit too while trying to get under there. He shrieked when his daddy grabbed his ankle, bringing the red pj's clad boy out from underneath. "Noooo!"

That was his most fussy boy's favorite word. He had learn talk by sound so he picked up fast on the key ones. He chuckled and smiled, bringing the little thing up over his lap despite all his squirming. One kiss to the noggin seemed to settle him down some. 

Meto pouted out of jealousy and crossed his arms. "I want one too."

And he was given one without a second thought.

"Sasuke what are you doing?" Naruto asked after he'd rolled into the bedroom to see his husband on the floor with the amused pair now crawling all over him in their nap time pajamas with the fan symbol on the back.

"I was trying to do their hair!" The raven father smiled at the hugs he was getting from one of his little boy's. 

Zeto was trying to escape and head towards his other parent's voice. "M-Momma!"

The blonde chuckled at the cute scene. His husband seemed to spoil these boys. If anything he was more lenient on them than Minochi. Reason being because he'd messed up and gotten the little tyke a cellphone some weeks ago. "Leave their hair alone, Sasuke. They don't have to look like you 24/7."

Sasuke shrugged, feeling the exact opposite. He held his boys securely and asked them, "Do you two want to look like daddy?" 

"Yes!!" Akimeto shouted and wrapped his arms around his father as much he could.

"No!" His look-a-like started crying this time, arms out for mom. "It's my hair, not yours!"

Naruto knew he'd lost the war with Meto. That boy loved him too but so far if Sasuke was home he went to him without a second thought. He wondered if it was because during his pregnancy he hated the raven the most resulting in one the twins feeling the opposite. He doubted it.

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