Chapter 13: Work

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"Alright, are you guys ready?"

Naruto looked up from over the couch to see Sasuke all dressed up with his briefcase at his right in his hand.

"Do we have to? Can't you just drop us off at Gaara's house?"

Sasuke held back his tongue this time from making a brief comment.

"I'm joking Sasuke calm down!" the blonde assured with a smile on his face after seeing the man resist.

Minochi peeked around from Naruto's lap to see his dad taking a deep breath.

"We need to get going. Got everything?"

"I think we are good. Right Minochi?" Naruto asked the little boy in his lap whom just nodded, holding up his bag of stuff.

"Good, then grab your coats and let's go."

Despite cloudless baby blue skies it was still freezing outside so the snow wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Thankfully truckers had come by to clear the driveways for the people to get out. The storm had ceased but now they were in a cold front.

As they put their things in the trunk Sasuke felt sort of weird. He'd been going to work solo for so long that his routine was kind of off besides the fact that he hadn't been to work in days.

"So...Sasuke...what do you want to talk about?" Naruto asked because the silence in the car was driving him insane.

"When was Minochi born?"

"Right before your brother's birthday I believe." Naruto saw Sasuke look back at their child whom was busy playing with his action figures in the back.


"Yup that means we can have two parties back to back." Naruto and their son seemed to be the only ones happy about that.


"Hn what?" Naruto raised an eyebrow at the man driving.

"Nothing, I just find it odd...In a good way though!"

"Sasuke you better not be thinking what I think you're thinking."

"I'm not!"

"You swear?"

"I swear on everything that I am absolutely not thinking about that."

Naruto rolled his eyes and leaned back against the car door. He could easily tell when Sasuke was lying his ass off and when he wasn't.

Minochi slowly held up his two actions figures behind his parents and pretended like they were them.

Naruto noticed this and grinned while Sasuke was too busy dwelling into something he shouldn't.

"How do you know Itachi's birthday? "

"Sasuke we were doing so well please don't mess this up." Naruto pleaded with the man.

Behind them a few inches away two action figures were moving in time with them. One action figure was Tony Stark (Iron Man) while the other was Steve Rodgers (Captain America). Guess who's who.

"I know, but I'm just curious to know how you know. It's not a big deal honestly."

"You're doing it again." Naruto pointed out as he drove his fingers through his sun kissed hair in an attempt to keep calm.

"Doing what? I'm just asking because we never spoke about my brother's birthday."

Naruto glanced over at him with a discordant expression and said, "That's a lie! You know I dated him months after high school! How the hell do you think we met?! Pardon my language Minochi."

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