I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Working for the Government [20]

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I regained enough consciousness to grab the seat belt before I was completely thrown out of the car as it sped along West 10Th, my feet dragging across the road. My hands strained to keep hold of the seat belt, if I was too let go, i would by pulled underneathth the car. Garret stamped his foot down on my hand trying to get me to let go, he continued to stamp on my hand and I could feel the skin on my knuckles turn raw.  Ben swervedthe car, I pulled my legs into myself in time, to avoid getting hit by a bus. The bus driving honked his horn, and shouted something in a foreign language as he drove past. Garret pulled a knife out from behind his back, I saw the gun I grabbed from Skinny lodged under the passenger seat. I pulled it out, Garret swiped at me with the knife. I aimed, Ben drove over a speed hump, and I fired. My firewasn't on target, Garret was hit in the shoulder,  the wound can  be fatal, but from the angle it would have lodged it self in the bone. He fell back moaning against the seat, Ben swerved again, turned down into an alley way. I used the walls, to push myself up into the car again. I punched Garret three times on the left side, three times on  the right side until he was completely out cold. I turned the gun on Ben and shot him in the shoulder as well, making it fatal depending on how much he would bled out. He screamed and lost control of the wheel, the car drove swereved  around the alley- just missing a homeless woman on the ground.

"You bitch," he screamed, trying to regain control of the wheel.

"That's for kissing me" I said, jumping into the passenger, punching him in the process. He flinched his arm out, it hit me in the nose. I slammed my foot down on the space between his legs, hitting his treasures hard. He screamed again and grabbed my hand with bothof his hands, forcing my heel to one side. My foot cracked, along with couple of my toes. I pressed the  tip of the gun down on his wounded shoulder. He screamed, and pushed me back onto the passenger seat. We came out of the alley and turned onto East 11th, coming up to a intersection the lights turned green. Ben sped up, as we entered the intersection a car broke away from the rest waiting at the red lights across the road. It sped up and hit the side of our car, hard. The car spun around and was hit by some other cars coming in the opposite direction.  Our car spun around flipped over a couple of times at was finally stopped when it hit a lamp post, that bent over on impact. People came running over with ffrantic expressions.

"Call 911"

"The fire brigade"

"The police"

"I think there dead"

"No she's breathing"

 I felt something cool running down my face, blood. And a sharp pain down my left side. Ben's eyes were closed,  blood trickled down his face as he hung upside as he was held in place by his seat belt. I felt my conscious state slipping away again when i felt my body moving. I wasn't being pulled out by someone, light flooded my eyes and when I opened them I was staring into Connor's eyes.

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