I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Working for the Government [23]

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The slowly ringing elevator music played in the back ground. The sheet rose and fell with my breathing, something came over me.

I lifted the sheet off "What are you doing?" he demanded, I grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and pulled him down, I pressed my lips against his in a deep kiss, if furthered. He held up face with his hands.

The elevator screeched and beeped "Get back down" he said, his face was flushed and he was still shocked. He laid the sheet back over the top of me. I heard the elevator doors open and I was wheeled out. There were some bright lights flashing overhead and people constantly passing me.

I heard the sliding doors open and I smell the freedom and then, "Hey there, you, hey!"

I felt the bed speed up as it went through the doors.

"Hey!" a voice yelled.

"Shit" Connor said, there were some  more yelling coming from behind, a gunshot was fired followed by some screams.  Another gunshot must have hit the bed, because I was flipped out of it, I hit the ground.

I pushed myself up from the ground and started to run, I don't know where I was headed. I heard Connor call out behind me.

I turned the corner and ran into a garaged.

"Rylie?" I turned around Connor was behind me panting. A gun in his hand, blood smear across his chest.

I pressed my hands against his chest "Your hit!"

He shook his head "It's not my own blood" she took my hands of his chest and held them, looking into my eyes.  I could feel the romantic comedy scene sneaking up on me.

 I pushed his hand away, "listen, about what happened-" I could hear shouting in the distance.  "We better get out of here, but we have to talk about it"

He looked down and followed me as I made my way to the upper levels of the garage. There is something about Porsches that I just love, there sleek speed, and the fact that they are way too easy to hotwire.  The car eased down the levels of the garage and barred through the line of men-in-black who fired shots at us.

One hit the back window and the glass broke out of the frame.

"God-damn it!" I yelled back to the men behind us "This is a Boxer S!"

We drove off, and I could feel today turning into a familiar pattern.  "Rylie. We need to talk"


"What the hell happened back there?"

"Back where?" I asked, trying to tip-toe around the subject. I turned a hard corner the inertia overcame Connors body and he was flung to the side of the car. "Don't try to change the subject by hurting me, it hasn't worked since we were 13. Why did you kiss me"

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