I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Working for the Government [7]

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I banged my fist against his door with impatiens, then again until he finally opened his door.

"Miss Carter, must I remind you of your manners?" Garret said with clear annoyance.

"Only when I intended to use them" I said pushing my way into his office.

"Am I to assume I know why you are visiting me?"

I kept my voice, flat and expression plain "I trust you do"

Garret sat down behind his desk and gestured for me to do the same. I sat, crossing my legs folding my hand together on my lap.

"Well, Miss Carter, to what do I owed this Pleasure?"

I frowned "Don't play dumb, do you know what you've done? You bought Drew here, thinking what? That you've bought another tortured soul to this college, looking for a better future that you can provide? Bullshit"

"Language!" Garret growled, he taught me proper articulation, I only picked up the swear words from the other kids, which they got from cable.

"What do you think will happen, he'll turn rouge. HE ALREADY IS! HE KILLED CHRIS MATHER!"

"Chris's death was an accident I assure you"

I scoffed "Around here those sort of things aren't accidents. How do you explain it, he killed a student on his first day!"

"I know, he shows much promise"

"Garret, he can fight, no who comes here can fight not straight away at least. I don't trust him, and right now...I don't trust what you’re doing."

"Rylie-" but I had already moved to the door, and slammed it before he could say anything.

Connor was waiting for me, outside Garret's office.

"Anything?" he asked.

I shook my head "The mysterious new guy, kills a student and the headmaster doesn’t care. Something isn't right!"

"Tell me about it, I searched him in the government census, you won't believe what I found"

"What?" I asked, as he dragged me towards the commons, on the other side of the main building. The classrooms where on the bottom two levels of the college and the commons where on the top two floors. Boys at one end, girls at the other.

As he pulled me towards the boys commons. I realized how much bigger it was compares to the girls commons. Partly because out of 200 kids at the college the majority were male, there were of 30 girls in the junior class. Connor stopped at the end of one of the halls, his room. I had never seen it before, infact I had only been to this part of the commons only a couple of times. The memories of which are painful for me to think about.

Connor pushed the door, open and I was balled over by the smell, of dirty socks, mix into the air with deodorant and apricot pop tarts "Welcome" he said pushing, a Twinkies packet out of the way, Pushing a pile of clothes and book off his bed to make a space for me to sit. His room looked like the others an un-made bed in the corner, an open closet-clothes spilling out of it like blood from a fresh wound- a few selves filled with books and desk on set up with computer equipment.

"Love what you've done with the place, your pad is a real babe magnet" I said jokingly

He smiled "well...is it working?"

I shrugged "Could be a touch tidier, maybe some scented candles and maybe and issue of knitters weekly...then I'll be smitten"

"Really?" he asked looking over his shoulder.

I shook my head "Nah, you know me! Hate knitting, it would have to be top gun!"

Connor bought over his laptop setting it down on his lap moving closer to me until our arm were touching, i was aware of you proximity, but Connor didn't seem to care, infact I think he sort of liked it.

"What did find out?" Jumping into business.

Connor ran his fingers over the keyboard, bringing up programs then exiting them again.

Computers was more his expertise, not mine, so I didn't really follow what he was doing.

"Well I found out something about Mr. Drew Kellermen or should I say, Benjamin Harbor..."

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