I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Wokring for the Government [19]

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The car sped along east 82nd St, cutting the corner of Grays Papaya.
I leaned back in the seat, the cuffs dug into my back "So what does gonna happen? You actually gonna tell me what's going on?"
"Meh" Ben sounded from the driving wheel "I don't think so, not until I shoot you in the head"
I smiled "Try and repay the favor"
"Well you shot was a bit off"
Willis wiggled next to me, I pushed him into the door, trying to get him away from me "The gun wasn't loaded, what a shame!"
"Am I sensing some negative energy in the car?" Garret said, he voice highly and lightly.
I rolled my eyes "Negative energy is about to be shoved up your ass, after I get out of these cuffs. Eh, Willis, you mind loosening the cuffs?" He huffed "Why, you do this, huh? What have I ever done to you?""Nothing really" he gawked at me through the review mirror, "You were just starting to bug me, with your whole tortured teenager act, and the barging in my office all the time" he rubbed his fingers to his temples. "It was just a bit...immature"
"Shocking" I said. "Well this has been a great catch up but I think I'll be going." I pulled my arms free from the cuffs behind my back. I Elbowed Skinny in the nose as a distraction, to pull the gun from his holster. I spun the gun on my finger using the grip as extra force as I punched him in the face. Willis jumped me, knocking the gun out of my hand, his fat meat clobber hands grabbed onto my shoulders, I pushed him into the door. Elbowed his nose, he grabbed my hair, turning my face a little he swiped at my cheek and only just missed. His hands grabbed hold of my neck, his fingers connecting they slowly grew tighter around my neck, cutting off my air supply. Garret punched me in the stomach, I kicked him in the head. I slapped Willis, then wiggled my hand behind him, and forced the car door to open. I held onto Skinny as I pushed Willis against the door again, this time the his weight against the door was enough to make it fly open, Willis fell out of the car. Toppling over the street at high speed, I didn't waste time to see if he survived or not. I punched Skinny again as he slowly regained consciousness. Garret jumped over the seat to the back, were I was. "Seriously" I said, punching him in the cheek after he punched me "You should know better than cuffing a professional behind there back"
He Grabbed my hands, pinning them to myself He backed me up to the open door. A car coming past in the opposite direction lane, collided with the door, the door burst of the car and was thrown into the other lanes. Darn, there goes my idea. Garret head-butted me, grabbed a fist full of my hair and slammed my head into the seat, just missing the buckle, that was sticking out of the seat. I managed to wiggle my hand out of his lock just in time to elbow him in nose, then cheek, then eye, then- he pushed my arm down, lifted me up by my collar. I tried to push him backwards, but he was stronger. He started, pushing me back further, punched me harder in the face, and I felt my conscious state slipping.
Wait-a-second, I was me, slipping out the car, no, being pushed...

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