I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Working for the Government [16]

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I started to shuffle through the documents.

Maria Klume. Harriet Rand. Melissa Calvin.

German. English. Australian.

The licenses and passports were feasible, the car renting receipt was legitimate and was singed in my signature.

"What is all of this?" Connor asked, flicking through the pages for himself.

"Whatever it is, this was done by a professional" running my hand through my hair, mentally listing my mortal enemies. The list was pretty short.

"Doesn't this all seemed a bit planned out to you?" Connor said, blinking twice, rubbing his hand over his face.

I pulled out my knife, running my finger gently over the tip of the blade. "You think I'm responsible for all of this, don't you"

He shook his head, he didn't look at me, he kept his eyes on the knife in my hand. "I know you not responsible. Someones setting you up for something, that's obvious. We just don't know why"

"Or who..." I lifted up my jacket, and slid my knife into it's harness down my back. "I'm over all of this, I'm gonna find Garret and find out what the fuck is going on" We put everything back into the it's right place and returned to the hotel. The lobby was filled with multicultural delegates and officials allwaiting to enter the conference room, that proved to be a challenge for me to enter. Being stuck on babysitter duty meant I didn't get the level of clearance that everyone else got-Connor included.

"Look" Connor pointed to a door out of the way of the conference room entrance labeled 'staff only' "When Garret was showing us the outline of the conference room I noticed that that door leads to the kitchen which leads into the conference room. you do through there and I'll meet up with you at the kitchen door. There's a staircase that goes up to a surrounding balcony that's where Garret is placed." he turned to the stocky man at the entrance, flashed his ID card and walked through the metal detectors, the beeped and flashed. "Yes!" he said "I have weapons. No! you may not search me, thank-you"

I turned and headed for the 'staff only'door, as Connor had said it led me to the kitchen. Between the heavy scent of spices, the rushing people and the billowing steam no one noticed the black clad girl casually walking through, occasionally picking up knives and stashing them in her jacket. I finally ended up in the conference room. It was a large circle shape, with desks running around the edges making there way into the center. Connor pushed his way through the crowd "So not worth it"

I smiled, and flashed him the flickering knives inside my jacket "I did a little weapons shopping in the kitchen"

"You freak" he said, shaking his head. I stuck my tongue out at him. He took a knife from my jacket, "So if anything goes wrong, you stab them with a cheese knife?"

I shrugged "There was so soup ladles available"

"Come on" he said taking my hand and pulling me along behind him. We kept low, stuck to the walls and moved quickly. "Hey Monique," he said as we got closer to the bottom of the staircase, we stopped, I expected Connor to drop my hand, but he didn't.

"What are you doing down here? Shouldn't you be babysitting Chuck Bass's brother?"

"The man-whore is more Liza Minnellithan Devil with a super cut. There's been a breech, we need to see Garret" Monique nodded, and led us up the stairs and around the balcony to a door.

"Garrets inside, he'll be out in a moment" she left without a backward glance, whispering something into her jacket collar.

The Balcony certainly gave us a better view, we could see the circular pattern of the desks, where, in the centre was a large image of 'The Great Seal Of the United States'. Everyone was seated, except for one of the central desks, that remained empty. I leaned against the rail, scanning the room I saw Monique, Jack and Naomi standing at exact distance away from each other. Doing exactly what I was doing.

Looking out for danger.

Connor brushed his arm against mine, and lightly ran his fingers of the back of my hand. I looked up at him. His focus wasn't on the room full of people- which it should have- instead he was watching me. I saw something in his eyes, a glintering, the kind that's mostly expressed in soppy Hollywood movies.

"Rylie...?"came Garrets voice from behind me, and like in a traditional Hollywood movie.

He was pointing a gun at me.

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