I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Working for the Government [17]

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"Okay so what's the deal? And seriously no bullshit, please, because I'm really over having people point guns at me today"
He lowered the gun, the aim now at my chest "Fine, I guess it's fair. Drama all the way to the end, your gonna' die anyway so as the 'evil conspirator' all I have to do is tell you everything and shoot you"
I smiled, and giggled "Yeah right you won't tell me anything"
"You never know" he shrugged.
"Why?" I asked coldly.
"Six months ago" he said "The dance? When you sprung Adam and Peyton in bed together, the next morning they were-"
"Dead" I finished the sentence. "But I didn't do it, you know that"
He laughed leaning against the wall casually "I know you didn't do it, I did"
I felt like I had just been stabbed "You...you killed them, my boyfriend, my best friend? Why?"
"Why not." his voice turned darker, and grew in tone "It was the perfect opportunity. Rylie Carter the most aggressive student at Rosewood College finally snapped when she caught her best friend and her boyfriend sleeping together. The outrage finally came to a boiling point when she attempted to kill the president of the United States."
"What you talking 'bout Willis?" I said "Seriously do you know what you just said? As if anyone would believe tha-"
"Ladies and gentlemen please stand for the host of the convention and the President of the United States, Victor Cargill" said the voice of over the PA. The people in the desks stood up and started to cheer as the president entered the room boxed by his guards, one of them was a former student from the college.
"Well Rylie here's where we meet an end." Garret moved forward, moving around the side of me "Of the People, By the People, and For the People" he lifted up the gun.
"You prick" I said through my teeth.
"Yeah I am, but you were always the bad one."
I took Connor's hand again and squeezed it.
Garret pressed the gun against my temple.
He cocked the hammer.
I breathed in.
I ducked.

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