I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Working for the Government [18]

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Connor threw out his arm and striking Garrets wrist, the gun was jerked away. It fired. Below people screamed, ducked, and panicked.
I flung out my leg, kicking Garret in the shin. He croched, I punched him in stomach, he toppled over. I kneed him in the nose,and he dropped to the ground. Other guns were on us now, guards and even a couple of the men who were surrouding the President.
"Connor, we need to get out here"
"Nah you think?"
I rolled my eyes, the first man jumped on me. I grabbed his arms and pulled him over myself, his body hit the ground hard enough for him to be rendered unconsious. Connor ran for the door that Garret had come in from, and left.
"Great. Friend." I said each word was a punch in the stomach of a man who looked like an asian Bruce Willis.
A shot was fired by the person behind him, it just missed my arm, causing me to lose my concentration. The Willis look-alike grabbed me, using the full force of his weight dragged me down to the ground. I squirmed as much as I could, but the man had and obvious advantage over me, Power shakes and donhnuts.
"Get out off me Shrek!"
He cuffed my hands behind my back and yanked me up by them.
Garret stood up too wipping the blood off his lip "She attacked me, then tried to kill the president."
I huffed, gritting my teeth "Thats a lie, if you check that gun you will find his prints, not mine."
"Get her out of here!" said a man behind me and I was dragged through the door that Connor left through.
I was escorted down a corridoor, the walls were close together so Willis had to walk near me. "So what's going to happen now?"
"You shouldn't be talking, this is serious" Willis said, I dectected an accent, British?
"You know you just let the bad guy go?"
"You were the one, belting the crap out of him, and my men. It dosen't strike me and innocent behaviour"
"This is unbelieveable."I said as he pushed the door open, and pulled me through to the carpark. A  black SVU was waiting, doors opened, the pushed me in. I sat between willis and a skinny.

The car took off, following the routes of the hotel carpark, all the spaces were empty, so the car drove faster, speeding down the winding ramps. We came to the booth, insteading of stopping the car drove straight through the toll gate, it broke apart and shocked surrounding padestrians as the car to the streets of manhattan. Everything already seemed strange enough, and that was confirmed when the driver spoke.
"I told you Rylie, never trust the bad people" Ben said, he smiled at me through the review mirror, Garret turned around in the passenger seat and winked.

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