I'm a Seventeen-year-old Professional Assassin Working for the Government. [Preface]

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Some people discover their true calling in life, before it's too late.

And some people don't.

Mozart got his first violin when he was three. Picasso discovered his talent for painting when he was nine.

And me?

I was seven when I made my first kill.

They say that it's hardest to get over your first killing, but for me, I didn't care that much for the person whose life I had taken.

He was my uncle, and he molested me. I hit him in the face., pushing the bone of his nose into his brain...

Ops, I WAS only seven.

Anyway the next day this guy shows up, convinces my parents to send me away to this 'Reform school' only to discover that the school was ran by the government, they were polishing me. Training me. Molding me into the perfect killer.

After all I WAS born a killer.

Oh by the way, My name is Rylie, Carter and I'm a seventeen-year old assassin working for the government. Boyfriend: Dead. Best friend: Cheated with dead boyfriend, now's she dead too!

Hey, no one said his school was easy.

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